Boring is good....especially on a Monday

One week until Spring Break!!! Yea!! Everyone is counting down..I woke up later than usual (5:15 am) and drove to the YMCA by my work. I had a great work out and then went to work. My student teacher got observed by her region 4 supervisor and then my principal stopped by 7th period while she was teaching. Nothing too exciting to report. We are visiting my parents in Tyler this weekend...They move tomorrow! I am excited about this weekend because April and Olivia will be there! We came home and I made a dream dinner calzone..the girls were super cute. We are out of dream dinners, but I go back on Thursday to make more for this month:) I have to spend extra time getting everything ready for the next day. I pick out the girls clothes so that Dave can get them ready and take them to school:) He is the best!

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