Famous Twins

Today was another long one...I met Christa bright and early (5am) at the gym. We had report card pick up until 7pm. It was funny because Christa and I sat next to each other (I know...of course we did) and a few times parents of kids we don't teach came up and said, "you are the famous twins"...haha..they were referring to the fact that we are twins who teach at the same school...I teach 12th grade economics and she teaches 12th grade government. After one semester with one of us, they usually go to the other. We really love working together. People probably get so sick of seeing us together all the time when we are not in class. Go figure...it is a twin thing...I think only twins get it....

Dave drove to his terminal and took pictures. He came back and picked the girls up from school. I felt bad that I didn't get a chance to see Sophia awake because her bedtime is 7pm and I got home at 7:30. Dave was engrossed in his new hobby when I got home. His hobby right now is becoming an expert on the stock market. He is fascinated. He listens to economic podcast to and from work while on the bus. He has created all kinds of interactive spreadsheets about different scenarios that are all tied to direct information. I understand none of it, but he says we are going to be rich one day...haha...I hope!!!!

I wanted to blog today so I asked Isabella to pose for a picture with her magic potion (green water in a water bottle with glitter...they made them at school because this week is fairy tales) She said no...she hid for the picture, but finally turned around when I started tickling her....she is such a ham!

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