My friend Misty had her baby today....vaginal birth and sweet Benjamin weighed 10 lbs 8 oz....I can't even imagine....Sophia was probably 6 months when she weighed that. Other news, my mom and dad moved to Tyler today. I had a great day at work and then picked up my sweet little ones from school. Isabella was helping clean up when I got there...they said she and another little girl are the best cleaner uppers....yes, she is not lazy!!! She is actually in the "I want to help stage". Tomorrow our social studies department is doing our monthly luncheon. I made pound cake dipped in chocolate bites. They were supposed to be on sticks, but I didn't have any.

I have been doing pretty good on my eating...I didn't have any of the chocolate dipped pound cake bites. The last couple of days I have worked out in the morning and then had a breakfast sandwich from Subway...it is across from my work...I can honestly say it is REALLY good...english muffin, egg white egg, american cheese and veggies....very filling...For lunch Christa and I have been taking turns bringing lunch...we are sick of eating lean cuisines and oranges everyday so we are trying to venture out with fun, healthy options. Yesterday for lunch I brought us the following...1 plum, 1 15 calorie rice cake that we dipped in humus (70 calories)...small cup of pasta I made (pasta, tomatoes, tiny bit of olive oil), and a mushroom and cheese crepe from HEB (130 calories)...it was all really good...I like variety. Today we had another crepe, an orange, and tortilla soup....

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