Day 5 Tahoe

Wednesday was yet another fun, wonderful day. We are really enjoying the break from the horrible heat in the south. The weather here is so beautiful. We drove a few miles to a nature hike with an ecosystem and then walked to a small historical area with cabins by the lake. Isabella is such a ham. She saw a picture of a bear and said "hey, I think it would be a good idea if you took a picture of me standing next to that bear"...she then staged herself.

We got back to the condos where Karen and Rich took their night and made a wonderful stuffed chicken dinner. (Tonight is our night....taco soup:) Danny, Ashlee, Rich, and Karen watched the girls for the rest of the night so Dave and I could go on a date. We started our date at 6:45....I wanted to stay our VERY late since we don't get this offer a lot. I suggested we go see a movie and then go out and have fun...We saw Bridesmaids (sooooo funny!) and by the time it was over it was 9:15...we thought, perfect...we walked down the street to Nevada (to the Casinos)..it was still too early for the partying to start, we walked back to the condos and found out everything besides the casinos shut down by 10 on week nights....too funny....we did have a blast and are sooo appreciative!

Today we are driving an hour away to a cool town called Truckee....can't wait!

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