Picture Day

Today was picture day at Rennell. Both girls picked out their outfits.
In true Sophia form she had to pick out something that made a statement. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to wear her Christmas dress. She was adamant. Isabella and I both told her we were concerned it was too dressy. We couldn't change her mind. I love that about her. She beats to her own drum.
Isabella wore something a little more conservative, but just as cute. I made s deal that they could wear their hair down if they wore a bow (that they could take out after pictures).
These other pictures (the selfies) are pictures from when I had lunch with the girls at school. Now that my energy is back, I will have lunch much more often!
I'm so blessed to be their mom!

11 Years To The Day

I love my husband for too many reasons. One is that out of the two of us, he is the sentimental one. He reminded me this morning that today 11 years ago we met at the Bush vs Kerry debate watching party.
I love him more everyday! He has loved me skinny, fat, pregnant, tired, and not tired. He has gone along with way too many of my spontaneous ideas.
He is the best dad I know. He works until late, has a minimum 2 hour per day commute and still has the energy to help the girls with they're homework and put them to bed.
I love that he is so smart and so funny. I love that he will go on many trips because of my love of travel.
I love that my girls are growing up in a home where their parents love each other!


I promise to do better at updating!!!

I have really been so bad about updating our family blog!!! I am making a promise to myself and family members that I will do better!!! I promise!

I wanted to just do a few highlights of what has been going on since I took a blogging hiatus!

May:  A few of my girlfriends and I flew to Cancun, Mexico for a quick girls trip.  We had a blast! We flew from Thursday-Sunday and stayed at the Secrets Resort.
We kept up with survival swim lessons and all three girls are swimming so well!
June: We spent lots of time hanging out with our friends and neighbors!
Isabella and Sophia had a slumber party!
We did family crafts.
We loved hanging out at our neighborhood's waterpark and beach.
We went with my family to stay at our friend Melissa's lake house in Lake McQueeney.
We went to Shlitterbaun and floated on the river!
July:  Had a great time hanging out with Danny, Ashlee, and Kate for the 4th of July.
The girls won our neighborhood's Cup Cake Wars.
The girls routed on Grandma Karen for her triathlon.

Dave and I went on a couples trip to Nappa.
We celebrated Isabella and Finley's birthday. They both had birthday parties.
We went on a cruise out of Galveston to Cozumel, Jamaica, and Grand Caymen.

School started!
Christa and I hosted a mom's night out and had a great turn out!
Our neighborhood had an adult Rock Your White Party.
Dave, Karen, Christa, and I participated in the Towne Lake triathlon.
Girls cheering on UT
I went with two friends to the Taylor Swift Concert.
Grandma Skelly helped me organize my kitchen and I organized the play room.
We went to Corpus Christi for the weekend for the Conquer the Coast race.  Dave's company Cheniere was one of the sponsors.  We had a blast!