Christmas is near

Sorry I have been such a slacker about updating the blog....I can only blame it on being so busy. I know everyone has the same excuse. Here are a few updates on all of us.....starting with "the princess"

Isabella- is 4 months old.....she turns over, babbles a lot, loves her big bows, is starting to eat rice cereal, apple sauce, bananas, plays peek a boo, laughs a lot, is the happies baby ever, sits with the big kids at the table (at daycare), plays in the exosaucer

Dave....now works at Conoco Phillips, he is a business analyst, he works a million hours, but loves his job, is very excited that we both get to use the state of the art fitness facility, loves his daughter more than life itself....is the best dad ever....takes Isabella to best buy on a weekly basis to buy "gadgets"

Corrin- just finished her 2 graduate classes, is about to be finished with the fall semester, got through 3 preps (ap macroeconomics, academic economics, sociology) and is exicted about only teaching 2 preps for next semester, loves her daughter more than life itself....can't believe you can love someone so much...is looking foward to Isabella having a sibling in the future.....(will probably start trying in July of next year)...

We still have our house on the market....we are trying to sell it so we can move to suburbia. It is a tough market because of the recession. It also is hard because we have to leave the house perfect in case someone wants to look at it while we are at work.

For Christmas we are going to Louisiana for the first part and Austin on Christmas eve/ Christmas day. Corrin's good childhood friend and fiancee are coming in for New Years.....