Consignment fun

Yesterday Christa and I hit up a huge consignment sale right by her house. We also met up with a childhood friend and her kids...

I scored with the $10.00 ski suit for Isabella:) Sophia loves feet pjs so I picked up a few for her:)

Last night we took it easy..I am still feeling under the weather..I think it might be allergies..if I don't felt better by the end of the weekend I am going to the doctor:)

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Comparing Sisters....

Here are all 3 girls around the same age.....wonder how much people think they look alike:)  Can you tell who is who????? LOVE my girls!!!

Entitled Dog

This is pretty funny....
Christa and I adopted sister dogs...we bring them to each others houses so they can play. Today Christa brought her dog Lilly...We decided to go to lunch and then I told her she could go straight home and I would let Lilly spend the night and would bring her back to her house tomorrow...The funny part is that Lilly is allowed to sleep in Christa and Brad's bed...Molly is not allowed to sleep in our bed..she doesn't even try....so when Lilly comes over, she always jumps on our bed...so I sent a funny picture to Christa and Brad:)


Today was great!  Christa told me she was coming over this morning, but I had no idea she would be here at 7:30 a.m...She and Charlotte walked to school with us to drop Isabella off.  I then dropped Sophia off and then headed home.  We had a rough night last night because Finley had really bad gas...she did not poop for almost 2 days and I knew she was miserable...she cried and cried...the girls woke up and I asked them so get dressed...I love that they can do this on their own.  Isabella put on her cute American girl dress and headband and Sophia put on Isabella's 3rd birthday outfit...I let her go with it because that is her personality:)  She beats to her own drum:)

Christa, Charlotte, Finley, and I just relaxed at my house.  The babies slept and we relaxed.  We decided to go have sushi for lunch.  The sushi restaurant at La Centerra has a great lunch special.  The owner and waitress couldn't get over twin sisters with twin cousins (or almost...) they were dressed alike...

On an exciting note, I think we are going to Disney World in July.  My super sweet in-laws want to take the girls and it looks like it may be happening....the girls are going to be so excited...We are truly blessed and really feel fortunate....never take anything for granted... 

Here are some updates on the girls....


- she just turned 5 and is as sweet as ever

- she was very nervous about Kindergarten but LOVES it!!!

- is very mature for her age

- stressed about the car rider line, but is now ok with it

- told me that her lunch was free...."like fake money"...all she had to do was tell them her name...I told her that, no "her lunch wasn't free...her daddy and mommy paid money into her lunch account"...

- likes eating cafeteria food (just like her mom and dad)

- loves reading books

- watches too much Disney Channel

- wants to take baths on her own...(we compromise...she is still supervised, but gets more freedom..ie she gets to wash her own hair)

- gets frustrated when reading with daddy and doesn't know a word

- becoming much more independent...helps with lots of chores

- loves dried bananas

- asked me to teach her how to clean her water bottle so he could sort it out for school every day

- loves her kindergarten teacher and school!!!!

- I asked Isabella to tell me something I could add to the blog...she said that I should write 

" I'm pretty, I'm smart, I love string cheese"...


- is 3 1/2

- is starting to do more chores

- doesn't wear pull ups at lunch...but does wear them at night

- I asked her what I should write on the blog...she said "I like butterflies, hair bows, doggies, and elephants"...

- Her favorite phase is your are the best ___ ever..

- She said she loves babies

- She loves her baby sister Finley

- She beats to her own drum...her style is very unique...she still changes a million times a day.

- She is learning how to write her own name...she knows how to spell her name

- She loves playing outside

- She is "miss popular" at school...everyone LOVES Sophia

- She is the class clown....loves to make people laugh


- is 2 1/2 weeks old

- sleeps most of the day

- smiles 

- is a good eater

- tries to hold up her head

- has strong kicks

- is a good burper

- likes a paci

- only cries when she is hungry or has gas


Car rider line

I am grateful that my biggest worry is trying to time the car rider line out:) it looks like I will be sitting in it about 45 minutes to an hour every day:)

The girls both had a great day at school. Isabella loves her new teacher and Sophia is learning how to write her own name.

Finley and I took it easy. I cleaned and we rested. My milk supply has been low so I have been trying to increase the amount. So far the things I have been trying have worked:) I read drinking one Guinness beer can help...

We are all kind of run down in our house..Dave and I haven't been feeling that great. I think mine is allergies. I just took a Claritin and am hoping that works..

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First Day of School

Super excited about today being the first day of school for both girls:)

Dave and I woke up early because the plan was to walk Isabella to school..it was drizzling, but it turned out ok. Isabella was excited to see she was in the same class as our next door neighbor.

Sophia was very excited about moving up to the next class..when the kids saw her, they were calling out her name..she is a little celebrity:)

Finley and I headed to Target so I could buy a new breast pump..the one my insurance paid for sucks..it is not really working and my milk supply is low..since I am in it for the long haul, Dave and I decided I should go buy a very good single pump...hopefully it will work!

I had a doctors appointment..I think my dr accident wrote 2 weeks on my hospital discharge papers instead of 5 weeks..he asked why I was there and I says, I have no idea, you wrote 2 weeks..it was fine..no harm:)

I braved the car rider line to pick up Isabella..by this time it was pouring down rain..intended up being in the line about 45 minutes..I am going to try and go earlier tomorrow and see if it will save me time...

Isabella had a great day! She knew all the rules and talked about everything she did..

Life is good! I have decided to take it easy the rest of the week..haven't really had a chance to since Finley was born:)

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Busy, weekend...Friday we got our upstairs air fixed.  I am so grateful the air is working in every part!!!  Friday afternoon my parents came into town to meet our newest addition!!!  They were super excited.  They just returned from France, so I know they were tired!
Christa and I have a very sweet friend named Susan who came over to meet Charlotte and Finley.  She brought quilts for the girls that she made!!! They are beautiful!!!!

Also, I have another sweet friend who has 3 adorable girls under the age of 5 who dropped off dinner and a bag of the cutest clothes ever for Finley.  Dave and I are just so truly blessed!!!
Friday night Christa and Brad threw a neighborhood back to school smores party.  They had a ton of people over.  The kids had a blast!
Saturday we hung out with my parents and then met some friends for a Houston Restaurant Week dinner at America's on West Grey and Shepard.  We planned this a long time ago so my parents (and Christa and Brad) were super sweet and watched the girls.

Today we just took it easy.  The Saints and Texans squared off in a pre-season game (Who Dat Nation won!!!).  I made gumbo and the girls just played...we are so super blessed!

 Isabella starts Kindergarten tomorrow and Sophia moves to the next class.