Comparing Girls

Here are pictures of the three girls around the same age:)


Nothing too exciting..Me and Finley hung out with Christa and Charlotte:)


Girl Scouts

I think being a new Girl Scout leader is ten times harder than teaching 180 seniors in high school...so much paperwork/rules/bureaucracy:) just when I think I did something right, I find out I did not:)

Anyway, today the girls got their vests. They are official Daisys:) 

I spent the day running around sorting out Girl Scout stuff. We had a great meeting! Isabella was tired when we got home and she and I got into it. I wanted to take a picture of her in her new vest, but unfortunately it was at the same time she was crying..good times:)

The other girls had a great day:) 

Life is good...we are blessed...and I am tired...but in a good way:)


Pumpkin carving

I'm so grateful!!! I love my husband more and more every day! We took it easy and he did the grocery shopping. He is such a family man. He made it a point to buy 4 pumpkins for us to carve tonight. I will admit I was tired, but he made us do it as a family, and we had a blast:)



Christa came over early so I could watch Chralotte while she went to physical therapy.
Before she left she watched Finley so I could go read books to Isabella's class. They allow parents to read every Friday for 30 minutes. 

We took it wash the rest of the day. Dave came home and we ordered pizza. We watched Heat and the girls watched Turbo.



Thursday was great! Isabella had mismatch day at school (part of red ribbon week). 

I had a great work out at the gym and then spent the rest of the day cleaning. I picked the girls up for dance and was able to watch them do a few numbers:)

Later we met Dave at La Centerra for dinner and to watch Comedy Sports routine. We love the green space. The girls can run around and Finley can lay on a blanket. They have live music on Fridays and movies on Saturday! 



Today was great. I walked Isabella to school and then drove Sophia to her school. This evening the girls wanted family time so I used a collage activity we did at MOPS.