Baby's first plane flight

I just got back from our friend Melissa's bachelorette party in Orange County, California. It was a lot of fun. There were 12 girls and we all stayed in a gorgeous beach house....The stretch hummer was also a blast. Dave and I had another doctor's visit on Friday. Everything went well, we heard the baby's heartbeat, and we get to find out the sex of the baby March 13th!!!!!

Dave had a pretty low key weekend. He went and did some maintance on our condo....He is the best:)


Mismatched Shoes

I was walking into work today and talking to April and Mom when I looked down and realized that I was wearing 2 completely different brown shoes....one was a clog, the other had a buckle.....It seems like I have heard people doing it, but it was a first for me! Thankfully I was too lazy to bring in another pair of shoes that were in my car from the day before....otherwise I probably would have "hid" out all day. Mom said is was because I was pregnant, I think it was because Dave sleeps in while I get ready so I try and hurry as not to wake him up.....He is nice enough to return the favor during the summer when I get to sleep in:)

I am excited about tomorrow. I am flying with my girlfriends to California for Melissa's bachelorette party. It should be an interesting weekend. I am a very nervous flyer, and this will be my first flight in a long time to not be able to take something to calm my nerves....Tomorrow we have another doctors appointment. I think they are taking blood. It has been a month so I am excited to hear the heart beat again and make sure everything is going smoothly.


First Post

Today is our first blog. We decided to start one to keep all of our friends and family posted about our comings and goings.... espcially the pregnancy! We just got back from spending the weekend in Austin with Dave's parents. We had a nice time visiting and catching up with some of his old high school friends. We spent the day Saturday at the mall with his parents and Ashlee (sister in law) looking at baby stuff. The excited grandparents bought us a BabyPlus prenatal education system and fetal heartbeat monitor. The BabyPlus is a device that I wear in which the baby has "lessons" that he or she learns my heartbeat pattern. Between the device, the DHA pills I am taking, our baby should be a child genius:)

Today we played music for the baby. (the songs were Pachabel's Canon and Guitar Concerto in G: Adagio). I went to Christa's house and ate dinner with her and the kids. I can't get over how grown up Paige is getting. Christa said something silly and Paige made a cute comment about how outdated it was!