Super Lazy Sunday

Today was such a lazy day. We had such a fun night last night. We went to Brenner's for the first time last night. It was sooo good...expensive, but good. We then went to the Yard House for a few drinks. Today we watched lots of movies and then went to the grocery store. The girls were too cute today at nap time. I let them stay in my bed for their nap, bu
t they had to close their eyes and sleep....of course they spent about 30 playing around. I said, "shut your eyes and go to sleep, or pretend to go to sleep"...they both closed their eyes and then all of a sudden Sophia starts to fake snore. It was too funny...she has such the little personality...she does have a lazy streak...she just won't help clean up messes...her messes...I think because she is so little we let her get away with it. 17 days until our ski trip...am sooo ready!!!!!


Exercise, Shopping, and Date Night

Today so far has been great...both Dave and I worked out...he took the girls to the Y, and I ran 3 miles....the weather is PERFECT!!!! Later we packed up and headed for Katy Mills Mall to buy the girls each a new pair of shoes. Isabella is now an 8 and Sophia a 5....crazy!!! As we were walking into the mall, I suggested we rent one of those carts the kids ride in
. When we found one, Dave was like, nope...not going to pay 5.00....I said, come on, it is worth it because we will be here awhile and don't want to carry them. He finally relented and I swiped my card...the problem was that I didn't realize the credit card machine for the double one was different and at the other end...I rented a 1 person cart. Dave was soo mad! He said, fine, they will just take turns riding in it...guess how long that lasted...they kept crying and fighting, so he relented and we went to rent the double one so that only one of us had to push...the double one was 8.00...crazy...It was expensive, but worth it. They only fought for a second to decide who got to ride on top. We found shoes at stride right on sale for 20.00 each...Isabella got her sparkly ones she has been asking for. We are both exhausted but looking forward to meeting friends at a nice resturant. We even hired a babysitter. These are good friends that we try and meet up every few months...


Wow....God is good...that is all I can say...

This has been an especially blessed week...We are so lucky for everything....Sophia's lab liver test (last test) came back normal, Dave and I have jobs in this economy, and we are just really blessed...This weekend should be pretty low key. We are meeting friends out for dinner tomorrow night. We even hired a babysitter...yea for date nights!!! Isabella and Soph
ia have had a great week. Sophia was excited today because she learned how to zip and unzip her jacket...she is such a big girl. Isabella has show and tell on Friday...they are supposed to bring something related to the letter they are studying...she brought her baby when they studied B...as we were pulling up, I remembered....the letter for this week is F...I looked everywhere in my car for something that started with F...trunk and all....Ultimately I told her to show the class her finger....because finger starts with f....how lame is that... Today Molly and Lilly got spayed. I never realized that female dogs actually have a operation where they go under and are basically having a hysterectomy. Dave dropped them off and I picked them up. They are doing pretty well considering. All we had to pay was 10.00 for the medicine (pain medicine and antibotics)...we love Molly and really were blessed...her adoption fee was 150...but that included: the cutest and sweetest dog ever, 3 rounds of shots, and spaying...(I saw the bill for the spaying to the animal rescue was 70.00...I figure the West University vet gives a discount to the rescue people)...we love Molly so much...She has stiches all down her little belly. Tonight the girls had Kentucky Fried Chicken for the first time. Isabella loved the bisquits and Sophia LOVED the mac and cheese...I was good and had a small piece of grilled chicken and a little mashed potatoes....oh sooo good!!!


I fail....but life is still good...

I was supposed to go running 3 miles with my neighbor at 7pm like we did on Monday...ultimately I just can't...I can't wake up at 5 am, get myself and the girls ready, work all day, pick them up, come home and cook dinner, etc..and then exercise at 7...I want to put my jammies on at 5pm...Dave has taken over my spot of working out in the morning (which I would love
to regain)...I will be a good sport and will work out right after work...the later it is, the less likely I am to work out.... Today was a great day..Texas got their money out of me...lots of hard work and good lessons....I am doing the same on Friday...Christa and Brad are on pins and needles about their house...they were supposed to get an offer on their house today, but a new house came on the market today and the people wanted to take a look...fingers crossed they hate the new house... Today was a blessed day...Dave's company gives out bonuses and we were truley blessed...life is good, God is great...especially in this rough economy...we both appreciate our lives....I think God continues to bless us because we both are very hard workers....we work so hard....we are both grateful our parents taught us work ethic!!! On a funny note, this past weekend when Dave and I had our date, Dave said he thought maybe a spray tan would look good...guess he wants me to look more barbiesh....haha...I won't ever do the beds again, but from what I understand the spray tan is safe...long story short, I go get one yesterday...my seniors jokingly made fun of me all day...I just went along and made fun of myself....it is all good... On a sad note, I need prayers for a good friend...her family is in crisis...they have gone through so much....they are such wonderful people... My mom thinks I feed the kids garbage every night...which I don't...I bought a frozen chicken dinner and docterd it up with another chicken bresast, veggies, a sweet potatoe, and fat free creme of mushroom sauce...the girls loved it!!!!


Life is good!!!! Please eat your food!

I took Sophia for blood work...final in all of the issues...they called to say her liver enzymes were perfect...she is normal, small, but normal. Today was good....My good friend neea lora od pEywea...lidw ia goos...I m tired!!!



I want to preface this with the fact that Dave and I have very active social lives...the problem is we socialize with all of our friends and never have "our time"..so Dave's co-workers invited us to Pete's Piano bar for Sat night. Christa and Brad had all of their crew and were so kind to take the girls...which they loved...I told Dave we should just get a hotel d
owntown so we can have a nice date and not worry about driving...I pricelined a room and we got the 4 star Hilton for 60 a night...(the back of the door said the highest they can charge for that room is over 500 dollars...it was nice....very nice....The girls and Molly got dropped off and were treated like queens..They took all the kids too putt, putt...Isabella said aunt Christa made a nice dinner....they stayed up until midnight and then all went to church...Brad said they were awesome...I love that they are in town and we don't have to feel guilty... We checked into our very nice hotel, chilled, got ready and then headed out...Dave's co-workers invited us to dinner as well, but Dave told them we wanted a date night dinner since he was gone for so long...so we had pre-drinks at a tappas bar, dinner at McCormick and Schmidts...(love the tuna tar tar)....then to Petes...so much fun....woke up happy, picked up the girls and then recovered all day from a busy weekend....life is good...we are blessed!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is a big day for Christa and Brad...can't go into details, but fingers crossed things go well!!! They are such good people!!!

Yes he's back!!!

Dave was out of town all week on a business trip...what a crazy experience...I just have to say that I really, really respect single moms (and dads) and all they do...it is hard...It is still hard with two parents, but having to be responsible for everyting is hard....We did have a great week though. The girls were awesome...they are getting so big. Dave's trip wa
s to Bartlesville, OK. It was so cute how Isabella would tell everyone her daddy was in Oklahoma. Dave wanted to bring us all presents home...He bought Sophia the cutest book about pottying...it is very detailed!!! Isabella got a very cool artsy book...I told Dave, no offense, but next time, get them both "fun artsy books"...Sophia liked the book, but the other thing was way cooler...He said he wanted to buy me something and he looked at a Vera Bradley store because he knows I like it...He thought spending 45.00 on a small handbag was waaaay too expensive...on the phone I agreed....I did not let him know that Christa and I actually ordered extra large vera bradley totes that were super cheap online...it was like 50 for a huge bag I will use forever...when he saw it he got what a great deal I got! And, I can actually say that I am not a huge spender...I am not saying I don't shop, but I really don't spend a ton of money on myself...I spend it on the girls and when it comes to me, I will buy something here and there...Anyway, we were all happy. Friday we met Christa and her entire crew and Tara and Lance and their kids at Willies for dinner...it is right down the road and has a huge sandbox....We haven't spent time with Lance and Tara for a long time. Saturday we took it easy, hung out with the girls and then had "date night"




What can I say...it has been an interesting week....ups and down...today was a good day...girls were very sweet...had pretty good lessons....love facetime with family. My mother in law and mom are watching the girls while we are skiing in Feb...my mom is going to do some decorating...which I am excited about!!! Life is good...life is great...one crazy story in t
he news...an Italian cruiseline sunk a few days ago because the captain was showing off, went too close to shore and scraped the bottom...tragic...about 20 fatalities..many in their life jackets...of course he was one of the first off the ship...the coast guard was yelling at him to get his ass back on the ship..he refused...now he is saying he was in the life boat because he fell in it....what a joke..he has been arrested for manslaugther....I hope they throw the book at that idiot.....








my girls...

Today I took Sophia to her 2 year check up..(I am about a month late)...Everything looks good and is the same...she is still really little...weighs 20 lbs even...she grew but her head is the same size as last. The next appointment usually is at 3, but the dr and I decided 2 1/2 year appointment would be good. Her liver levels were a bit high a while ago so I am goin
g to have another test done. Today was a great day...we were off for Martin Luther King Jr Day. After the dr appointment, I took the girls to the zoo, picked up Molly from Christa's house (she took both dogs for their 2nd round of shots), went grocery shopping, and the came home and cooked a nice meal. This weekend we chilled Friday (sushi delivery and wine), Sat, watched the Saints lose, and then went to a friend's 50th bday party at the country club by our house...it was a blast!!!! Sunday watched the Texans lose. We still had a great weekend. Next weekend we are meeting Dave's co-workers at a Piano bar downtown. The girls are spending the night at Christa's and we are staying at the Hilton Americas because we bid on priceline and got it for 60.00 much cheaper than a cab ride to and from downtown...and it will be nice to have a little alone time...we are going to go on a mini date beforehand. The princessess.... Isabella...3 going on 13 - loves to tattle tale -tries to sneak in our bed everynight...peed from the staircase to our room when we wouldn't let her in. - has the cutest personality - she and her best frend are two peas in a pod...her best friend teaches her the lyrics to Low (she hit the floor) everyday - she loves wearing dresses - she still lives for arts and crafts projects - still a picky eater - loves her sister - loves fighting with her sister Sophia - cute as a button - drama queen like her sister, but in a different way - loves to pull Isabella's hair - loves yoga - doesn't eat enough - loves when I put her hair in piggy tails - every day when giving her a bath...she doesn't want to get out...she lays her body out so we won't pick her up -can't open doors - tries to sneak in our bed now that she is in her big girl bed - loves her sister -loves fighting with her sister - starting to make sentences (most we can't understand) Molly Jane - loves her new family - is doing well with the electric doggy door - has had very few accidents lately (knock on wood) - sleeps alot - cuddles - wants to be in our bed so bad, but Dave won't let her...I sneak her in when he is not near and then Isabella tells on me.

Wonderful friend and neighbor

My friend who lives down the street and just sold her house to build a mini mc mansion :) gave me her wreaths....they are awesome and I really appreciated it!!! They are adorable and took her a million hours to make. She decided to give them to me because her new house has 2 front doors and she doesn't feel like making a matching one for each one...but as crafty as
she is, I am sure her new doors will not be bare:) We will miss them since they live so close....