Mommy's Day to herself:)

Terrific Tuesday.  Dave dropped the girls off at school.  He accidental took my computer cord to work so I couldn't work on graduate work...which was ok with me:) I went and worked out and then made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby...I am super psyched about my sewing machine.  Last night I embroidered a few baby gifts and made the girls each their own pillow with their name on it. 

I picked the girls up from school and then took them swimming. (they had a blast) I made steak for the girls and I...am still doing good on my low-carb eating.  I am not cutting carbs out completely because I realize I can't do that right now.  But, I am eating lots of healthy stuff!!!


Low Carb...

We are back to reality.  I have decided to try and do low carb until school starts.  I am eating lots of vegetables and some fruits.  I tried a couple of recipes yesterday with cauliflower.  One was good, one was not.  Tonight I made a nice dinner.  Chicken with a Greek yogurt sauce, baked tomatoes with Parmesan cheese/Italian seasoning...

Today the girls and I took it fairly easy. I worked out at the Y while the girls played in the daycare.  Apparently a bigger kid was blocking Sophia, so she pushed him.  (Isabella told me).  That little girl doesn't realize how tiny she is.  She still weighs less than 21 lbs.  After the workout we went and picked up my singer sewing machine.  I am ready to start embroidering again.  It has been way too long!

This afternoon I got a letter from my new principal about new teacher orientation.  I am super excited!!!  I also got a jury summons for September 18th...

Life is good....very good!!!!


Beaver Creek

We left the Rocky Mtns and headed a few hours to Beaver Creek  We stayed at the Hyatt Resort.  It was sooo nice!!!! Definitely want to go back.  Around 2 am the morning we were leaving, I caught the stomach flu...It was sooo aweful.  I was so sick until around 3 pm...we then spent night in Witchita Falls, TX and came home this afternoon...It was a superb VACATION!!!!

Rocky Mountain National Park

We went up two years ago and there was snow for the girls to play in.  This year they did not have a lot of snow, so there was none to play in!

Estes Park

Talent Shows