Easter Weekend

Saturday was good.  While Dave and his mom went for a bike ride, I cleaned out my closet...boy did it need to be organized!  I then went grocery shopping to try and replenish some of the food we had to throw out.  We all then went to Willies for lunch. We like that place because the weather was nice and it has a sandbox the girls can play in.

Last night my mother in law prepared a Seder Dinner.  It was a very nice experience.  I have pictures on my camera I will post later.  Today we woke up early and went to mass.  It was PACKED!!! I need to email the diocese and to see if they have plans to build another Catholic Church in our area.  I feel that there are 2 or 3 times the number of people for our church that can fit.  After mass we ate lunch at Texas Mesquite.  We came home and the girls took naps while I worked on my assignments for my human development class.  Today was the last day of my 5 week class.  I did a large portion of the assignment and then we took the girls to see the movie The Croods because they have been asking to go.  It was very cute!  We got back around 8 and I spent the next few hours finishing my assignment. Apparently I wasn't the only person to wait to submit at the last minute because the server is down.  I emailed my assignment at 10:30 to my instructional assistant hoping that I won't get late points deducted because the server was down!


Good Friday

Good Friday was a good Friday!  I wanted to sleep in, but had to bring Molly to get groomed at 8 am.  The girls were good sports.  Christa, Brad, and the girls came over for a few minutes while a repair guy came to fix our fridge.  Apparently our motherboard broke so we needed it replaced.  $450.00 later and it was fixed.  He did recommend that we buy a surge protector.

My friend Dawn and her daughter Ava came over for lunch/play date.  It was fun.  Because our fridge was broken, I went to Whole Foods and grabbed a great lunch:)  We then headed to pick Molly up (she looked great!)  When Dave got home we took the girls to Red River BBQ for dinner...They have a sand playground and live music on Friday...Life is good!


Thursday....My Friday...

We don't have school tomorrow so today felt like Friday.  Today was a great day at work.  The kids were really good as usual.  I met Christa after work for a while to do a little shopping.  I needed to pick up a couple of  kid birthday presents for next weekend (we have 2 birthday parties) at Learning Express.  I love that store.  The one at Town and Country is huge.  I picked up the girls a couple of workbooks.  Sophia's is PreK-K age and Isabella's is 1st grade.  Isabella has been working on hers all afternoon!

After I picked the girls up, we headed over to Houston Garden Center.  I wanted to surprise Dave with a lemon tree.  I found one that I liked, but it was too big for my car.  Christa told me I should go where she bought hers because they were half the price (HGC was 119.00). After we were on our way home and the girls asked to have McDonalds for dinner...Truthfully, we RARELY have fast food for dinner.  That is the truth..I caved because I was so tired and because our freezer stopped working yesterday.  I knew that when I got home I would have to deal with that mess.  As we were eating our not so healthy dinner, we watched the news where they did a story about how bad fast food was for you....good times:)

When Dave came home he took a look at the freezer...something is off...we have a repairman coming out tomorrow morning.  Good thing we have a second fridge/freezer!!!  I made an appointment to drop Molly off to get a haircut at 8 am...I knew I wanted to sleep in, but the only other appointment they had was 1:30...I hate middle of the day appointments.. She needs a cut badly, so I decided to take one for the team:)


Finley Katherine Wilcox

Dave and I are super excited that we found out yesterday we are having another GIRL!!!! We want to name her Finley Katherine.  I have to admit that Dave and Isabella were both a tad disappointed that we weren't having a boy, but then they both got excited.  I knew from day one she was a girl.  When I talk to her, I have always said she.  Everything looks great.  She is measuring where she should and has all of her important "parts".  The only minor concern was the my amniotic fluid is measuring average, but on the low side.  Nothing to be too worried about.  They want me to drink lots an lots of water.  Because I said I was still very tired, they asked if I wanted to come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound (as a conservative approach) to check my amniotic fluid.  I said yes, because who doesn't want an extra chance to see their baby?  So, I am making a very hard effort to drink sooo much water.  (At least a gallon a day).  I figure if that will ensure the best, that is not that hard to do:)  Plus drinking water  is good for you.

We only have 2 school days left this week.  We get Good Friday off from school.  The girls are really looking forward to seeing their grandparents (Dave's parents) this weekend.  We try and alternate holidays to make everything fair. This morning I dropped the girls off at school at 6:20 (10 minutes before we are supposed to)..I felt bad, but Dave had to leave for work at 5:30 am and I had a 7:15 am meeting I wanted to try and make....Life is good...will be even better in June:)



Finally am starting to feel lots of kicking....I love feeling the baby kick.  It just makes you smile.  Tomorrow we find out if we are having a girl or a boy.  The whole time Isabella has said boy and Sophia has said girl.  We shall see who is correct.

Today was good.  Dave had to leave super early for work so I got the girls ready and took them to school.  I taught about caucuses and primaries all day (and campaign finance rules).  I talked about politicians who get in trouble for not following the law.  One of my students openly talks about her grandfather who was a former governor in a state (not Texas) that was arrested for all kinds of stuff.  Apparently he was sentenced to three years in federal prison but only served one year after being pardoned.

At the end of the day one of my students gave me a really nice tumbler and a big bag of M&Ms from his mom.  I was sooo grateful!!! It was such a nice gesture.  His mom really likes doing nice things for his teachers.  She has baked all of us banana bread, given us chocolate covered strawberries for Valentines Day.   I really appreciate this random act of kindness.  It makes me want to make sure and do nice stuff for the girls teachers.  People do not realize how small gestures or telling someone's boss what a good job they are doing can make a difference.  Taking two seconds to say something nice is free:)

When I picked the girls up from school, Isabella's teacher wanted to show me how Isabella could put together a sentence.  It was the cutest thing ever. They have this organizer with lots of words.  Isabella put together the sentence "We will go to the museum in a car".   When I picked her up she was in front of all the words writing sentences.  She wrote 4 by the time I got there...Sophia was looking at a book when I picked her up.  Both girls are doing really well at school.

After we got home the girls helped me clean up a bit and then we made personal pizzas for dinner.  We used mini pita bread and lots of toppings.  I froze the pizzas we didn't eat.  If you are reading this please say a prayer that tomorrow's ultrasound goes good...I know everything will be ok, but I am just nervous:)

One more thing...Today is Passover.  I am excited that Dave's mom is making a Passover dinner for us Saturday night.  I appreciate that the girls are learning about their family heritage:)


Palm Sunday

Dave and I haven't been super great about going to mass every week.  Friday night Brad said to us, "please take my God child to palm Sunday mass"...He and Christa are so good about going to mass every week.  We made sure that we made it this morning.  The girls were very good throughout the service.  We made sure to get there early because if you are late you have to stand because all the pews are taken.  

After mass we went to Panera Bread for lunch.  I don't know why I have been taking pictures of my food a lot lately.  Last night we ordered pizza from Pepperonis.. (soo good!!!)...Anyway, while we were there I saw a dad, wife, kids, and grandparents.  The dad and 2 kids (probably 4 and 6) were all in their pajamas...Which got me to thinking...Is it appropriate to wear pjs out in public?  Dave doesn't think it is a big deal, but come on...The dad had pj pants on...I think you should not wear your pajamas in public...Oh well, to each his own:)

This afternoon Danny and Ashlee came to hang out.  We were outside and it was COLD!!!!! It has been so hot all week, but a cold front came in last night!  While we were sitting out front (the girls were riding their tricycles) a car stopped in front of our house to try and block off another car.  The guy got out and started screaming at the other car...crazy....bad boys bad boys...apparently is was some type of domestic dispute...looked like a man didn't want a younger guy to go near his house or something...A few minutes later a Constable came to the guys house...we have no idea what the drama was, but it just goes to show you that everyone has drama:)  Some more than others...

After Danny and Ashlee left we headed to HEB to do some grocery shopping...life is good...We are trying to figure out what we are going to do with our backyard...We had a canopy thing that kept shade, but it ruined in the wind a few months ago...We are trying to figure out if we want to hire someone to build a pergola or just get another cover thing for a few hundred bucks...we shall see:)


Home all day

Yesterday Sophia seemed to be doing better.  I told Isabella I would try and pick her up early from school.  I needed to get home as soon as I was done teaching so that Dave could figure out a meeting he had.  I was so grateful that he stayed home so that I could start a new unit for my kiddos at school.  Initially I didn't think I would be able to leave early, but ultimately I was able to.  I am so glad I did.  When I picked Isabella from school she was taking a nap.  Her teacher said "she talked all day about how excited she was you were picking her up early"...wow, that taught me a lesson...be careful what I promise in the future!

We were supposed to meet friends out for dinner, but I canceled because I didn't want my friends little girl to get sick.  We ended up going to have sushi because Sophia seemed to be doing better...Well, as soon as we got home (she didn't eat anything all night) she threw up everywhere...good times...

So, today we have stayed inside all day trying to get everyone better.  Dave and I cleaned the house for a few hours this morning and the rest of the day has been lazy.  I have watched a few documentaries on Netflix.  Dave and I rented We are 40 last night....soo hilarious...totally not appropriate for kids, but we can totally relate to lots of it!

On a different note, years ago (I think after Dave and I got engaged and before we got married) I made him a present where I made a list of a ton of stuff I wanted us to do together.  I put it in a jar and we periodically we go through the slips of paper.  I wrote things like places we could travel together, having kids, getting degrees, future wedding anniversaries....It is fun to see how much we have accomplished together and see what we have to look forward to!


Spoke too soon....

So, we were hoping Sophia would not get sick...both girls went to school today.  When I picked up Sophia she felt warm and said she didn't feel good.  Isabella kept saying Sophia was "faking it"...My intuition was that she really didn't feel good.  I really felt she was telling the truth when she wouldn't eat any of her dinner...Well, a few minutes later she started throwing up...Here we go again...Hopefully this will be the end. Dave is going to stay at home and I am going to leave work as soon as I am finished teaching....

Other than that, today has been good.  I picked up the girls and found out that since they have next Friday off, the Easter Egg Hunt is tomorrow.  That meant we had to run to target and buy some plastic eggs and candy (no chocolate or peanut butter..really....chocolate????) The girls of course wanted a new Easter Basket.  I haven't seen theirs in a while and did not want to risk not finding it....They are now good on baskets for the next few years.  Isabella got a princess one and Sophia picked out a Minnie Mouse one... I was lazy and paid extra for the plastic eggs that come pre-stuffed...I keep telling myself that next year I will be Martha Stewart for every holiday party:)

We came home to a pork roast I threw in the crock pot.  Weeks ago I bought a big roast on sale and then cut it into 3 pieces to freeze.  When I got home I shredded it and added bbq sauce....we had pulled pork bbq sandwiches....it was so good and so easy!!!! Thanks Christa for the suggestion!

We were supposed to meet up with some friends tomorrow night but I just had to cancel because of Sophia.  Maybe this is a sign for us to slow down and take it easy this weekend!