3 AM

I have been going to bed so early because I have been so tired.  The problem with that is that I wake up really early.  Today I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  I knew my appraiser was coming in for a visit today so Dave said he would sort the girls out in the morning.  I got up, left the house around 5:15 am..The problem with that is that I can't get to work that early.  So I treated myself to a coffee and bagel at Einsteins (love!) and then made it to work promptly at 6:00 am...talk about early.

Now I am paying for it...It is not even 2pm and I am so tired.  Tomorrow is our last day before spring break.  EVERYONE is soooo ready!!! Here is my countdown...1 work day until spring break, 44 days teaching seniors, 56 work days...can't believe my life as a stay at home mom is soooo close!!!!  My school hired my replacement.  She is a very sweet person who has been teaching AP Macro/ AP Govt at another school in our district.  I am happy they have a good person to take my place.  Not that I am the best teacher ever, but I really have enjoyed teaching these students.

Today when I got observed I was teaching interest groups.  Christa has been a huge help with my lessons because she taught AP Govt for so long.  She told me to tell the Guppies for America story.  It was hilarious.  Basically she tells a story of loving guppies and starting an interest group.  The story is very ridiculous but the kids now have a good understanding of interest groups...

Speaking of interest groups...my brother in law Brad just joined the NRA.  Apparently when you join you get a few stickers.  When we were at their house the other night, Brad snuck one of these big NRA stickers and stuck it on Sophia's back...poor child...she never knew what he did!!!!

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