Monday morning we woke up super early (3 am) to get ready to catch our flight.  We took a Southwest flight that left Dallas, stopped on the ground in El Paso (we stayed on plane), landed in Las Vegas, we changed planes and finally arrived in San Francisco around 10:30.  The flight was pretty good, but I have to say it was pretty bumpy from El Paso to Vegas.  I am a VERY NERVOUS flyer, so I was not thrilled about the turbulence.  Dave helped me calm down by playing Monopoly on his Ipad.

The plan was for Christa and Brad to fly in from Houston around 9:50, and they were going to pick up our rental car.  They were going to pick us up in front of the terminal.  All I can say is that we learned a big lesson...you get what you pay for.  We found an inexpensive rental car (Advantage) with mini van rentals for 53.00 a day (compared to 100 for the others)...well, we did not realize that the rental was offsite...Brad and Christa had to wait 30 minutes for a shuttle to take them to the rental.  It took them about 2 hours from start to finish to pick us up.  WOWSERS....Of course we were all like, Uhhh...that was not worth it...But, lesson learned and we took off on our beautiful journey to Monterey.

We arrived at our Hotel (Monterey Hotel and Spa) around 1pm and then enjoyed a nice lunch on the water. It is so beautiful here.  The weather is perfect.  We walked around the cute town and did a little window shopping.  Christa and I went into the Little Hat Store with the cutest crocheted creations.  She bought Charlotte an adorable owl hat and I bought the girls crocheted headbands.  When we got back we facetimed  the girls and my parents...What a funny experience.  It was about 7 pm their time.  Poor Sophia was so tired.  My parents did not want her to sleep so that she would sleep all night.  The first few minutes she was in a tranz, but after she peed on my mom's chair during  the conversation she woke up...

We asked Isabella what her favorite part of the day was...she said "Going to Goodwill!!!"...My mom took the girls to Ihop, Goodwill, Fresh Grocery Store...They had a blast.

The four of us had dinner on the water again.  What a great day!!!!

This morning I am typing this and I can hear the sea life outside of the room.  Our plan is to head to Carmel and Pebble Beach to have lunch.  The 17 mile drive is famous so I want to take lots of beautiful picts...We are so truly blessed!!!

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