Oh, and I forgot...

Poop...can't get away from it...Dave gave the girls their bath...someone pooped in the bathtub....bad...Isabella said Sophia did it...Dave took the girls upstairs for a second bath..I finally got the culprit (Isabella) to fess up!

Monday, Monday...when is Spring Break???

Today was interesting...highs and lows...I was at the gym by 5 am to work out...The funny thing is that I literally roll out of bed, go, workout, and then get ready for work from there...so I look REALLY bad....really, really bad...I look bad from working out, but also from the fact that I have that "I just rolled out of bed, don't care how I look, stuck my hair in a frizzy bun...kind of look"...normally it is not too bad because it is me and about 100 70 plus year olds...this afternoon one of my students asked me "Ms...were you at the Y this morning?...I said yes...he said, "I saw you"...and laughed...ok..I get it...

Everything else went well..until I found out that a WONDERFUL student I taught last semster in AP Macroeconomics is having brain surgery tomorrow...it just seems like I keep hearing these kinds of stories over and over...he had cancer on his brain when he was little...they recently found he has another growth (not cancer yet...praise God)...

The girls were great...tired, but very cute... Dave made another great Dream Dinner...California Chicken Fettucini...so good....


I am a good big sister

We are so proud of Isabella...she is almost 100% potty trained...she is also so sweet to Sophia.

I need a nap...desperately...

Sophia is on theverge of walking...she is so close.

Clay's Resturant

Several of my friends have told me about the best family resturant ever. We finally went and can say we were very impressed. The weather was AWESOME...they had lots of outside tables, large grass area for kids to play football, sandbox, horses/lamas/goats you could feed. The food and drinks were good. We definitely will be back!


We went to mass today. Well, we tried to. Isabella said she wanted to play with the kids in the nursury so we took her...She then said she didn't want to go...(which was ok with me because it was 3.00 per kid...who ever heard of a church charging for the nursury...I thought it was volunteers)...Anyway, we went to the miserable cry room where both girls kept going nuts...needless to say, we didn't make it long..Next week the girls are going to the nursury!

Baby Shower

My friend Melissa is having a baby boy. A few of us got together and threw her a baby shower on Saturday. We had it at a very cool venue in Houston called Ouisie's Table. The theme was airplanes. We can't wait to meet little Sawyer Cole Griffith. Melissa and Brandon are two of the nicest people ever and deserve all the happiness in the world:)

Date Night

Dave and I had the BEST date night!!!! We hired an awesome babysitter (she is a college student at UH majoring in education)...Dave's super swett co-worker invited us to his Rodeo Cookoff tent. We stayed for a few hours and had a lot of fun. We then went to the Wine Next Door in La Centerra. They had an acoustic guitar player that was very good. Played lots of fun songs.


Friday with the girls

Love, Love, Love my girls...I picked the girls up from daycare and took them to Chick Filet...I knew Dave wouldn't be home for a few hours so they ate dinner and played in the playscape. We then came home played, took a bath, danced, and played some more. I haven't seen Sophia so happy as she was today:)


Life is wonderful, but busy

Life is good...life is busy...Have been working very hard...I am helping co-host a baby shower for one of the nicest people ever...Melissa is a great friend. I am so excited that she is pregnant..she introduced me to Dream Dinners. I want to show all the cute things we have planned for her shower this weekend, but I shall wait until afterward. We are having it Saturday at 11:00 am at a cool resturant called Ouisie's Table...Later that night we hired a babysitter so we can go to the rodeo cookoff. Dave's co-worker Dwaine, is so nice and always invites us to his tent. It should be a blast!


Tonight...another dream dinner...meatloaf and twice baked potatoes...oh so good...the meatloaf had some type of oatmeal mix..the girls loved it...so did Dave and I!


Tales of the Potty

Today was great....we still are having a tough time with Isabella and sleeping in our bed...I took pictures of her in our bed before we brought her upstairs to her big girl bed...She came down at 1 am crying..I wanted a decent night sleep (for once!) and did not want Sophia to wake up...so I caved and did what any normal mom would do (haha...not really)..I slept on the couch so Princess Isabella could have a good night sleep, sleeping in my bed...what is wrong with this picture:)

Tonight Dave picked the girls up so I could meet a few girlfriends for dinner...I got home around 7:15 with a bag full of goodies. (a peanut butter cupcake from a fancy bakery I walked past going back to my car...I guess a little guilt gift for the girls)...I also had a potty I bought Sophia earlier in the day at Target...

Here is my idea (I came up with it after Michelle texted me that her 9 month old teeteed on the potty)...Isabella has a pink frog potty...she is VERY possesive of it...won't let Sophia on it...Isabella has been doing very well at school (and home) with using the potty..she isn't 100%. I bought Sophia her own potty (blue) so that Isabella might not want to be a baby and go on the potty all the time...she loved the new potty and even tried to say the new one was hers! She did say she would help me train Sophia to use the "big girl potty"...