Isabella Caroline

It's a girl!!!! Dave and I had our ultrasound Thursday, March 13th. She weighed 9 oz. and everything looks great. Dave and I are so excited to know what we are having. I have started buying little girls clothes...too cute. I also felt Isabella kick me a few times in the last week. We are so excited and can't wait to meet her. I just got back from my spring break trip to Europe with Christa. We went to Nice, France, Monterosso, Italy, Chamonix, France and Geneva, Switzerland. It was a great trip but I definitely missed Dave....He was so sweet when he picked up Christa and I from the airport, he had roses for both of us (red for me, pink for her) and our favorite magazines. He also washed my car and filled it up with gas...He is the best husband ever!!!!


Crawfish, family, and fun

Dave and I went to Breaux Bridge this weekend to visit the family (April and Olivia are still down from Idaho). It was really nice seeing everyone, especially the little ones. It is hilarious how Olivia and Abigail interact with each other. We drove around UL and had lunch at one of Christa and my favorite college lunch spots- Old Time Grocery. Dad boiled crawfish and we all ate way too much. I have been feeling pretty good...I will be 5 months pregnant next week. Dave and I still keep throwing around baby names, and Dad says he knows it is a girl.....we shall see. I have a pretty stressful week coming up....Monday I am taking Will and Paige to Toys R Us (I told Will I would buy him a toy if he stopped picking his nose in public for a week)....Wednesday I am in charge of a 3 hour Government assembly, Wed night I have a graduate class presentation (Why Merit Pay is a good idea), Thursday Dave and I find out what we are having, and Thursday evening I am flying with Christa and 2 others girlfriends to Nice France, for Spring Break!!!!!!


Houston Rodeo

Dave and I went to the Houston Rodeo cookoff on Friday night. It was the first time for both of us. I loved the Continental barbaque pit that was in the shape of a plane. We had beautiful weather during the weekend so I drug Dave to Rice village for lunch and "baby" window shopping. All of the baby stuff is cute, but very expensive. Dave and I both can't wait until March 13th when we have our ultrasound and find out what we are having! We went to Best Buy on Sunday and purchased a video camera to get ready for the baby's arrival. Can you tell we have one thing on our minds lately?