So close!!!

I am so close to being a full time stay at home mom, I can taste it!!! Only 5 more work days left:) I have been bringing the girls to school these last few days (Dave has done it most of the year) and Dave has really appreciated it.. It has allowed for him to get into the office early:) Today was the last day of senior finals...life is good....really good:)

I picked up the girls and am exhausted. Dave said he was worried about me last night because he said my breathing appeared to be labored while I was sleeping on my back..he thought a few times I stopped breathing..which I am sure is not the case..he wants me to sleep on my side..we shall see.

The girls are watching scooby doo and we are waiting for Dave to come home with dinner..we have a Zoe's kitchen gift card that he is going to use because I am too tired to cook:)

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Another great day so far. The girls were super cute this morning. Isabella seemed to be feeling a little better. I only had a few kids take finals today. Kind of slow at work...not that I am complaining. I got to read lots of news articles...here are a few things I learned:)

1. There is a list of the worst colleges to go to..Southern in New Orleans has a 4% completion rate...that is insane..Texas Southern in Houston also made the list.

2. A senior at my former school was killed yesterday in a gang related event...apparently he was 20 and his mom was in the car and knew he hung out with the bad crowd..he just returned from the senior zoo fiend trip.

3. A group of Starbucks workers are suing over tips...apparently managers can't legally collect from the tip jar..thus is causing controversy between the baristas and shift managers...ruling will impact other areas in the hospitality arena...

4. The US is at the bottom of the list when it comes to paid vacation...France is at the top with 30:)

5. A girl from Christa's school is one of the final contestants on the Voice..she has a good chance of winning the competition:)

6. A 10 year old is fighting how organ donation recipients are placed on the transplant list..apparently only 12 and up are on the main list...that they calculate the score of whose in the worst condition, etc..because the girl is 10 and desperately needs a lung, she won't be considered until all 200 something adults pass up the lung..it is hard for kids to find donors because of the low mortality rate for young people...so sad!!

And finally, I would like for everyone to please play for a childhood friend. She lives in Dallas, is a nurse and has two small boys and and a husband. She was just diagnosed with stage 3 (possibly stage 4) breast cancer...she is going to fight hard, but today she has a scan to see how bad it really is...life is do precious and I pray for her and her family. I know my family was devastated when Christa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer...please pray for Julie and her family.

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Lots of randomness

Today was very interesting. It started off on a bad note when I woke Isabella up to get ready for school. She was burning with fever.. Poor girl..so Dave was a trooper and worked from home while both girls stayed home.

I went to work and only had a couple of students have to take their senior final. Christa sent me a picture of a recipe from her school's newspaper..crazy!! But it sounds good:)

A few of my students dropped by with some really nice note and a couple of sweet surprises (best vegan chocolate chip cookies, Starbucks gift card)...very sweet..recently it has dawned on me how much I appreciate a hand written note from students...sure, the presents are nice, but the notes are really meaningful. I am going to have the girls write nice notes to their teachers!

Moving right along..my mom posted the craziest picture of a dead possum on her back porch. She thinks it bit the electric cord and electrocuted itself. The picture reminded me of the one she sent last year with the dead armadillo floating in their pool. They live on Bayou Teche and get lots of crazy creatures.. The worst was whe the snake crawled through the doggie door and landed in their bed...eek!

After work I had a doctor appointment.. I am 29 weeks! Christa and I have the same dr and he has wanted a picture with both of our bellies. Today we just happened to both have an appointment. The picture was taken and my dr asked if I had any problems/concerns... I told him I thought I was gaining too much weight...he said I was doing great (have gained 26 pounds so far)..apparently most women gain between 35-40 pounds.. I am sure he sees women who gain 50,60,70 lbs...on my pregnancy board there people say they are up that much...anyway, I will lose it after the baby is born!

When I got home my Lord and Taylor package arrived... I ordered the girls swimsuits and picked up a couple of matching Ralph Loren rompers for Finley and Charlotte (they were 11.00 each!)

Finally, Isabella got to see Finley kicking up a storm in my belly...it was too cute...Sophia missed it because she was changing clothes for the millionth time (she is my little fashion diva! )

Life is great! Fingers crossed Isabella gets better :)

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Graduation weekend picts

I am so proud of my sister Michelle.  She is the best mom and has raised such good kids.  Morgan graduated from high school and received a full academic scholarship...you can't be more proud of that.  She worked VERY  hard throwing him a graduation party.  All the details she put into the party were amazing.  She is the busiest person I know (3 kids, works full time, school full time), yet she still finds time to go to church, be family orientated, etc.  Here are pictures that show how awesome she is!


Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day...to my wonderful father Gregg and father in law Rich! The last couple of days have been relaxing. We took it easy yesterday and took the girls to the pool. Today we met up with Tara and Lance at the Cinco Ranch water park and then came home to take long naps..Dave cooked our Cajun food (sooo good) and then we spent a few hours putting away a million clothes...Dave and I have been good about doing laundry but not putting it away..we probably had a months worth of clothes in a basket. I am SUPER grateful the cleaning lady is coming tomorrow..I told Dave that I have 8 more working days and then project get the house organized will start!!

Tomorrow Christa and I both have dr appointments...our dr wants a picture of both of us pregnant so hopefully we will be able to get one:)

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Friday Dave and the girls picked me up from work and we headed straight for Breaux Bridge. Michelle worked hard putting together a graduation party for Morgan at mom and dad's house. I will post pictures later. I can't believe Morgan is starting college in the fall. He is going to ULL and majoring in engineering. He got a full paid scholarship!
Saturday we did a little shopping before Morgan's graduation ceremony. I did not realize that Lafayette High had the largest graduating class in the state of Louisiana! Afterwards we went to a pizza restaurant in Breaux Bridge called Buck and Johnny's. I love their pizza because they have the think cracker type crust. The pizzas also have good toppings like alligator and andouille sausage!
We are headed back home to take it easy. The girls want to go swimming so will probably do that. On our way home we stopped in Scott, LA at Don's. we pass it every trip to LA and Dave always wants to stop. We bought boudin, spicy sausage and they have the girls some cracklins on our way out..you can't get more Cajun than that!
On a side note...Dave and I listened to a very interesting audio book on our road trip..Confessions of a Sociopath...very interesting book written by a normal person who is a sociopath...when you think of sociopath you always think if criminals, murderers, etc..in fact many sociopaths are law abiding people who just differ from others in that they do not have the emotions that you and I have...it is a very interesting book that makes you identify people you have come into contact with these traits...

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