I heart bananas!!!

Isabella is obsessed with bananas...when she wakes up she wants one for breakfast. When we get home from school she immediately goes over to where we have them and starts pointing and asking for one. she is too cute. She has even started saying thank you. She is starting to talk a little more and loves her mommy and daddy so much. Her teachers at daycare say she is a good girl and has only been to the naughty chair a couple of times. She still is the little sleepy head and struggles to stay awake around lunch time. They did say that she is not a happy camper when they wake her up...(I say she gets that from her daddy!!!!) She has been feeling a lot better and has been such a happy little girl lately. It is nice to have the old Isabella back. Dave has been getting off early this week because he is at a conference. We have all been enjoying spending quality family time together. Last night we took Isabella to Chili's to eat and she started eating the crayons...still a little young to color. My friend Andrea sent Isabella and Sophia the cutest presents. She has her own business: Ashlyn's Pink Petunia...http://www.shopthepinkpetunia.com/ Isabella received the CUTEST personalized lady bug blanket that rolls up and has an attached pillow face. She loves it and did not want mommy or daddy sitting on it....Little Sophia got the cutest pirate onseie that said Little sistarrr....Thanks Andrea!!!!


Geaux Rajun Cajuns

We went to Rajun Cajun to watch UL play LSU. Unfortunately we lost, but had a great time. Friday night Dave and I took Isabella to the lakehouse in our neighborhood for a pj and popcorn movie watching party. She was so good and there were a ton of other kids. The lady who is in charge of the group (Cinco Ranch mommies group) just found out she is expecting baby number 5....I can't even imagine how 5 would be!!! We ran lots of errands Saturday and Sunday. Christa's maid agreed to drive out to Katy and clean out house next Saturday. We are super excited about the extra help!!!!

Isabella is getting cuter and cuter every day. She says thank you all of the time. She and her daddy both seem to be feeling better. She walks everywhere and almost never crawls anymore. We should all have a pretty good week. I have a doctors appointment this week. (Sophia) has been kicking up a storm. I am about at 7 months....the time is going by pretty fast. Friday we are meeting friends for dinner and Saturday I am helping co-host a baby shower for a friend.


Thursday, Thursday

Things have been going pretty well around our house hold. Dave and Isabella are both on antibiotics, and I am feeling better compared to the past couple of days. Isabella seems to be adjusting to daycare. She doesn't scream every time I drop her off. The other day when I dropped her off, all of the kids were around a table eating Cheerios. I pulled up a chair for her and then snuck out. I peaked in the window as I was walking to the car to see her looking all around for me...it made my heart ache and I wanted to cry!!!! I love working, but moments like that make it really tough!

Monday I went to a mommies night out with the new cinco ranch mommies group I joined. It was held at a wine bar down the street. Everyone brought an appetizer and they offered 5.00 glasses of wine. I of course was good and drank decaf peach tea, but had a great time. I am super excited about meeting all of these new people. Tomorrow night is pajama and movie night at the Lake House in our neighborhood. Dave and I will take Isabella in her pjs to watch a movie and eat popcorn with other kids and parents.

Dave and I are throwing Brad and Christa a stock the bar shower in a few weeks to celebrate their upcoming nuptials (Jan 15th). We will probably spend this Saturday on house projects. Dave wants to get the study in order. Saturday night we plan on going to Rajun Cajun to watch the ULL vs. LSU game with other fellow Rajun Cajun Alumni.


new shoes

I took Isabella to the mall today to get her some new shoes...she has outgrown size 3 and has moved on to a size 4. Isabella is getting so big! She is 13 months old. She is finally getting over her illness. I feel like she is not getting as many naps at school as she might need because she is always so tired when I pick her up....and sometimes fussy...The girls at daycare say that she is miss sleepyhead....likes to sleep more than the other kids. During the summer she took at least 2 good naps a day. At school they take one long nap...but if a little playmate wakes her up early, it ruins the rest of her day.

We finally came up with a full name for the new baby. Sophia Elise Wilcox!!!! I was hesitant at first about her initials being SEW, but ultimately we got over it and decided it could be worse.

Dave took off of work yesterday to go to the doctor. He has been sick and had the worst headache. The doctor said he had a sinus infection and prescribed an antibiotic. He went back to work today and feels a ton better.

Tomorrow is Friday which we are all happy about. Saturday we are going to a housewarming barbecue and the rest of the weekend we are relaxing....and maybe cleaning (still haven't found a housekeeper!!!)


cancelled trip

Dave, Isabella, and I were on our way to the airport yesterday on our way to visit his grandmother in Coney Island, New York. We both did not have a good feeling about the weekend trip because Isabella and I have been sick all week and Dave came down with something around Thursday. When I picked him up from work yesterday he was feeling even worse, had the chills, and was achy all over. Ultimately we made the call to cancel our trip in fear of getting his 80 year old grandma sick. We will definitely reschedule when everyone in our household is feeling better. So that means this labor day weekend the three of us are just staying in and getting better. We have all been lacking sleep and have just felt really bad.

The weather in Houston seems to be cooling off a bit (95 feels cool) and we can't wait to go for more bike rides when we feel better. The longhorns are playing tonight, but we will get Internet updates because we are way to cheap to pay the 50.00 pay per view they are charging!!!!

Yesterday was wear your college shirt day at school....I only have one small rajun cajun shirt and being 6 1/2 months pregnant, I looked like a stuffed sausage, but couldn't resist. I am going to ask Dave as a Christmas present to find me a nice rajun cajun polo shirt!


The Naughty Chair

I picked up Isabella from school yesterday only to find her bawling in the naughty chair. Apparently they went to put her down and she threw a fit. She does this sometimes at home. I am not making excuses for her, but she has been sick the last couple of days, so I think this contributed to the matter. I love her daycare and they felt so guilty about it....but I wouldn't let her get out of the naughty chair until she calmed down....poor baby...and poor mama!!!! We are all still somewhat sick. We have decided to go to New York anyway will all of our medications in tow. It should be a nice visit (Dave's grandma lives in Cony Island). We fly out at 5:50 and don't arrive until 11pm.


Being sick

Isabella and I both have been sick the last couple of days. I took off of work yesterday and took her to the doctor. Her ears were red inside and she has the crud cold that is going around. I have a soar throat. Our air at school keeps going out, which I think doesn't help anything. Everything else is great. School is good. Isabella is doing a little better at daycare. She is really starting to copy lots of words we say, or at least try to!

Yesterday I went to a bunko group down the street. I had a blast!!!! The ladies were so friendly. I can't say how much I love living out here...I know I say it too much, but after living in Sharpestown for over three years, I am still in awe of our master planned community. Today I played a game with my economics students. Half of them were entrepreneurs and the other half were households. The entrepreneurs had to buy resources from the household and then turn the resources in for consumer goods which they would then sell back to the households. The purpose of the game was to show circular flow model. It was a lot of fun. I usually write some of the funny things they say (without letting them know) so when I debrief I start saying it and they think it is hilarious.

Isabella is walking mostly these days. I am trying to teacher her to show that she is one years old. She is really good about bringing toys to us that we ask her to bring over. She is such a sweet little girl. We are so blessed!!!!!!!!