Getting Ready for Baby....Still Pregnant

This past weekend Dave and I tried to finish last minute things before Isabella arrived. We bought a jogging stroller and Dave installed car seats in both cars. He also put together the cutest baby vibrating seat. If Isabella touches one of the hanging animals, it automatically starts playing music. I went to the doctor today and I am still 1 centimer dilated. He said the strong contractions I am having at night is a good sign. My due date is Sunday (the 3rd), but if I do not have her by Wednesday (the 6th....Dave's 30th b-day) we will check in at 7:30 pm to start the induction. She would probably arrive on the 7th around the afternoon......Less than a week....we are so excited!!!!


Still Pregnant

Ok, so I am still pregnant.....I went to the doctor today and he said I was 1 centimeter dilated.....which is better than not being dilated. This means that I could go into labor tonight or in 10 nights.....I get the impression from my doctor that if I am still pregnant next Thursday (next dr. appointment) we will talk about options, etc. Dave came home today and told me his co-workers threw him a surprise baby shower.....which was very sweet of them!!!! He really likes his new job at Conoco-Phillips. For anyone who didn't know, Dave's old company Chenier laid off about 80% of its employees due to a slow liquefied natural gas market....he really loved that job, but we are both really happy that he found the functional analyst (whatever that means) job at CP. We are both really excited about having a baby and hope it is sooner rather than later. I am not that uncomfortable, but at night it is hard waking up every 30 min- 1 hr to use the bathroom or change sleeping positions!


False Alarm

Today Christa and I took William to play at Chuck E Cheese while we worked on graduate school work...(almost done!!!!!) We then went and had an awesome lunch at a new place called Egg and I. It was really good!!! As I was walking to the car, I felt all wet down there (I know...tmi)...I thought my water might have broken. I called my doctor and he had me go to the labor and delivery so they could check. To make a long story short, my water had not broken, I guess I just peed all over myself.....(bladder spasm....I looked it up)....they checked to see if I had dilated (I haven't) but they once again said she is ready, my cervix is soft....so any day now.... I am more calm now about the whole situation because now I have an idea of what it will be like...my only concern is how small the room is. I don't know where everyone is going to fit!!!!


Isabella has an email address!

This is pretty funny. A few months ago Dave set up an email for Isabella (Isabella.c.wilcox@gmail.com). He sent our family members an email from her....(I know, she hasn't been born). Dave is afraid the account will become inactive if he doesn't use it every few months, so he sent another email from her to family members saying....I snuck out to send an email....it was pretty funny.... Everything has been great. Dave and I are really ready to meet our little girl. We have 20 days until her due date. The doctor says she is in place, has started to drop, and I am starting to thin. He said if on my due date (Aug 3rd) my cervix is ready, he will admit me into the hospital. This was music to my ears because some doctors let their patients go 2 weeks over. (he induces after 1 week over). Christa and I have been busily working on our 2 graduate classes. The Texas school finance is soooo hard!!!! I am enclosing several family pictures. Paige just went to camp in Livingston today, William is returning from England tomorrow, April is busily working on her coffee shop in Idaho and Michelle is staying busy with Abigail and Morgan.