Girl Scout Training and Salad Bar

Today I had a 3 hour girl scout training.  I learned a lot of information about girl scouts!!! Dave watched the girls and they had fun.

For dinner, I made a salad bar....It was sooo good!!! I am on a salad kick and had lots of yummy toppings...the salmon was a great addition!  We will definitely do this more often because the girls loved it!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Saturday was all about spending time with the family.  We took the girls to eat lunch at a La Salada (soo good), went to the mall (Dave needed shoes) and finally to the movie.  We decided to try the new movie theater near our house called The Palladium.  It was SOO nice!!! Lots of food and drink options...you could drink a beer while watching your movie...or eat sushi.

I really liked that you got to pick your seats when you bought your tickets...we will definitely go back..(they even have bowling!)


Sweet Finley- is
- such a good baby
- sleeps most of the day
- is almost sleeping through the night
- will be 7 weeks on Monday
- is starting to smile more
- likes to be held, but doesn't have to be held 24/7
- likes a paci
- hold her head more steady
- too big for newborn...she wears 0-3 months clothes
- likes baths for the most part
- such a wonderful addition to our family
- I call her our caboose


Sweet Sophia- Is
- 3.5 or 45 months old
- so smart
- has a HUGE personality...she is hilarious
- she was in the Dillards men's shoe department shouting that she was beautiful
- still working on pull ups at night
- so sensitive and caring
- LOVES her new baby sister
- loves homework
- does anything and everything to get attention
- is the class clown:)
- hates me brushing her hair every day!

Borrowed my phone and took about 50 pictures that looked like this:)


Sweet Isabella:  Is
- 5 years 1 month
- so funny
- smart, responsible...takes care of her friends and family
- sometimes too smart for her own good
- does no want to wear bows anymore
-still a morning person
- always smiling
- excited about being a girl scout and spending one on one time with her mom
- loves school
- came up with a cute vampire game she wanted us to play
- remembers "allowance day" is Friday


Friday was great. I met my mom and Christa at an event called Smockaholics. It is held at a lady's house in Houston. People consign really cute kids stuff for reasonable prices. They only accept high quality boutique items. I picked up lots of cute stuff..I spent a lot more than Christa, but I have 3 girls to buy for and she just has one since her other girls are too old for these kinds of clothes:)

Dave and I took it easy in the evening:) we watched Bad Teacher while the girls watched The Croods. Bad Teacher was funny, especially if you have ever taught:)

I am loving my new camera on my phone..I took some funny pictures of Finley when she was trying to poop:)


Full Day

Today was busy. I went with Christa to her neurology appointment. She is going to be ok, I just feel it. She thinks it might be an inner ear infection.

I got my new iPhone today...I love it! Especially the upgrades camera:)

I am cutting back on my carbs because I haven't seen much weight leave my post baby body:) Christa's doctor ashes if I was pregnant (my mom had Finley) and Isabella told a boy at school I was fat. Good times:)

After crazy day, dance the YMCA, and a grocery store stop, I had to run back out to pick up photos from CVS for Sophia's family collage for school. We kept it to our nuclear family to keep it easy.

Life is good:) we are blessed !!!


Fashion Show

Today was great!  I went to Sophia's Mommy and Me Fashion show at her school.  She was so excited!!! There were about 10 moms who participated in the fashion show.  All of the kids at the daycare watched and then were able to walk the runway.

Dave and I just started watching a comedy series on Netflix (and Fox) called New Girl.  It is hilarious!!!  I highly recommend it!  It just started the third season.

 Finley is losing half of her hair. It is too cute!!!