Love being home with my girls

Life is so great....we are appreciative... We had a great weekend. The girls had a great time with their Grandparents.

Funny story, apparently my little "obsessed with a pacifier" is not so much after this weekend....we shall see how this goes.

The good news is that in one week I will have turned in my final project for my Masters in Counseling and all I will have to do is to put in hours for my internship...which I enjoy...I am sooo close!!!

Charlotte, NC

We made it to Charlotte yesterday for my friend's wedding. We are having a blast. My wonderful mother in law is taking great care of the kids.


We had a great flight and then checked into our hotel. 

We were tired so we too a few hour nap. 

We then headed out for dinner. I was a bad Catholic and we have the best dinner at Flemmings.

They have an iPad for wine selections.

We then headed to a bar for one North Carolina beer. Funny story about bathroom...I couldn't figure out why the paper towel thing looked like a copy machine...it worked..

Apparently it fell off wall...duh...:)

Then we headed back to our hotel bar for an informal meet and greet with some of the out of town guests...too fun!!!

Wedding in Charlotte

What a great weekend!!!! Dave and I had a great time...downtown Charlotte is do nice...much nicer than downtown Houston.

This was lunch....sooo good...

Next we got ready for wedding and then to board the charter bus...the wedding was in South Carolina...apparently we were on the boarder of both states:)

We got this picture from Dave's parents...love, love, love...they took the girls to the elementary carnival:)



We all just want to have adventures...big and small...just to know we can do it....Like the time I lived in Houston and was flying to my friend's wedding in  Washington D.C....I knew I could take the city bus to the airport....It was a challenge...I cost me 1.50 and I did it!!! I had to change a few buses, but the last one was NICE!!!!

Fast forward to today....I will explain later...

Today was great...I was nervous, had to present a few things....just wanted everything to go well...My counselor said a class of 5th grade boys were being nice to each other....not the B word...BULLYING....but instead, being mean spirited...so the plan was for me to take them for a few minutes and talk about it...they were missing their specials....I was nervous...I read and planned and then thought I would just have to do it...

I picked the boys up and took them out to the portable....it was really good...better than good.....I was nervous about working with 5th grade boys, but they were awesome...and they got a lot out of it....Then I watched a great STAAR testing training.  My mentor and I were going to have lunch when something important came up....so I asked if I could run and drop off freezer meals to a friend whose family has been in crisis....

Meanwhile, I get back and my mentor counselor comes out to the portable to view some of my projects.....she was very complimentary and gave great feedback....and then said, "what time is it"...it was 3:15...she said, go get your daughter....funny story...I told her..well, my mother in law is taking a bus from Austin to Katy Mills Mall....Dave and I are flying to Charlotte for my friend's wedding and my wonderful mother in law came in to watch the kids..she has been talking about this BUS....my father in law is driving in Saturday so they only wanted to have one car in town...My counselor said, "I've heard of this bus...I think it is a grey hound....I get that...I am not a snob at all...in fact, I pride myself in being a hard worker and loving things like the Goodwill, good bargains, and garage sales...but I refuse to ride a Grey Hound because of what I have heard...

My sweet mentor counselor says, go get your daughter and go get your mother in law (knowing we have Dance)...I say, great idea, thanks...I grab my daughter from her sweet class and then go through the front office...I say to the nice secretary, "do I need to check her out"...It was 3:18...she said yes...and then scolded me...I'm not supposed to do it that way....I have to follow the rules and they don't want to check kids out after 3....ok...I get it...I am a rule follower and I get everything.... I didn't want to explain that I was not trying to break any rules, my mother in law was taking a bus to Katy Mills Mall and walking 6 miles to my house...even though I kept calling her to beg her to let me pick her up...instead, I kept apologizing....I just want to follow the rules...she was nice and let me do this "just this once"...since I was a new mom of a kindergartner and did not understand everything...

I call my mother in law and she refused to let me pick her up...she wanted the exercise....I can't relate to this because my family doesn't like exercise:)

So I guiltily pick up the girls and take them to dance...all the while thinking about my 62 year old mother in law walking from Katy Mills 6 miles...I get home and she is there...along with our carpenter who randomly shows up.

I said "how are you!"  You made it safe...Yes, she made it safe, but agreed it was not the smartest idea...Katy is just not a pedestrian friendly place...in fact she got stopped by 7 people...one was a cop...they were worried about her...she was walking on Westheimer with a roll suitcase...I get it...

Life is good...we are grateful she is here and safe!


Can I fit in one more activity!!!!

That was the theme for today....Dave and I are flying to our friend's wedding in Charlotte on Friday.  I have a million things to do, so today was the day:)

I dropped Sophia and Isabella off and then took off....First stop, car wash...the car was so bad.....so bad...and my in-laws will be driving it all weekend, so it had to be done....

Next stop, McDonalds for coffee and oatmeal...Finley and I shared the plain oatmeal and she loved it! I had a 10am appointment and still had time...so I ran and got my eye brows waxed, and then went to Kroger to buy a couple of snacks to bring to my appointment.

I arrived a few minutes early and was so grateful that a former OKE counselor (who is the sweetest person ever) agreed to let me and Finley come over so I could pick her brain and get advice.  It was awesome...She gave me GREAT advice....I stayed a little over an hour and then went to my next stop.

I met Christa at Home Goods (random meeting point)...we grabbed lunch and then she went with me to Charmin Charlie to try and find accessories for the wedding I am attending on Saturday...I have not style...she does!

I then switched cars with her and drove to Cypress to get my horrible roots done while she headed to my house to wait in the "WONDERFUL" car rider line to pick up Isabella...that is true sisterly love....we then met half way, switched cars and I headed to Target to pick up printer ink and last minute items for my trip...then we picked up Sophia....

Isabella advised me she did her last "Eureka" experiment and had half of the items to make banana bread....and Isabella has been begging for shoes with laces so she can learn how...so far we have dodged that bullet...but I bought her some because Target was running a buy one get the second half off sale.

We got home, sorted dinner, the girls made banana bread, I worked on a school presentation....Life is good...We are so blessed...but I secretly can't wait for some boredom time...HA!