Partly Cloudy

Yesterday was one of those crazy days that was just AWESOME!!!! Lot of crazy, but lots of AWESOME!!!

It was a Tuesday so we did the normal drop the kids off at 3 different schools. My wonderful counselor told me I would be doing 2nd grade guidance lessons.  I really like the guidance lessons.  I will admit that it is more in my "comfort zone" because of my experience as a teacher.  On Thursday she gave me three books/activities to preview.  She is so cool and flexible...She always has the attitude, look at these, use them if you want, or find something else.   We were in Breaux Bridge for the girl's First Communion.  Saturday afternoon I called all the kids out to the deck and told them I wanted to read them 3 books. ( the ages were 7, 7, 5, 4, and 3)...they loved all the books...the problem was when I asked them to vote on the ones they like the best, they all chose different ones!  Of course....

I researched a little and found a Pixar short video I really liked called Partly Cloudy....It is sooo good! The perfect lesson.  It is about all these clouds that make cute puppies and sweet babies. There are storks that deliver these cute little ones to homes down under.  There is one "gray" unique cloud that produces weird stuff, dangerous stuff (crocodile, porcupine, shark, etc). That poor stork is exhausted but keeps coming back...he does eye the other "normal" clouds with envy.  Finally he has had enough and leaves...the weird cloud gets angry and cries...but the stork was just going to get "gear....helmet, pads" to come back and be prepared for the deliveries.  The kids were surprised and really liked the lesson...We are all unique.  Then I had them color a sheet from my counselor's portfolio of resources.

The thing I am excited about is that lots of these lessons I can "preview" with the girls.  This particular one I liked so much I wanted to do it with them when I got home....During the day I presented this lesson to 9 classes of 2nd graders (almost 200 kids)...doubled up the classes...the kids were awesome!

Isabella and I left school and rushed to the grocery store to pick up a couple of items....we literally did not have one diaper or any baby formula in the house...funny how that happens....we ran and picked up both girls from the different daycares and then went home...I popped in a freezer meal and then waited for Dave to come home so I could go to a Girl Scout Leadership Training...ask me how tired I was....Meanwhile, Isabella got sick (think bottom) and I had to clean her up...Sophia kept saying "gross" and I kept saying "whatever Sophia, we won't even go there with you and your pull ups"...

Dave made it home, and I rushed across Katy to my 2 hour very lively (not) training.  Apparently I missed a lot while I was gone.  Dave was sweet and served the dinner, tried to do the partly cloudy lesson with them (I tried to explain it to him on the phone), Isabella had another accident, and the carpenter randomly showed up to work on some of the built ins...the thing about us using this really good (and cheap) carpenter is that he has a full time job and this is side work...he comes randomly when he can.  Dave wants me to tell him sometimes, "no, you can't come"...I say, "no...then he will still be working on the built ins forever"....I get that we need him more than he needs us....So he showed up and worked on the upstairs built in and built the girls a shoe closet.  

We love his work and can't wait for it to be completed...but it is such a process....Once he is finished with everything, we have to hire the painter, to paint all of these projects...I am not complaining at all...far from it...just recognizing that things can get crazy!

Life is good and we are sooo blessed!

Also, the meeting was boring, but I got a lot out of it....I am grateful for this experience with Isabella...and when Sophia is ready, I will be a pro...and then maybe Christa and I can be co-leaders for Finley and Charlotte (except family members can't be co-leaders)!!!

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