Too funny!!!

We now have a waiting list of people who want to join our freezer club meal exchange...people realized how awesome the concept is and decided they want in...we have 10 members, we will each make one meal for next month's swap.

Today was really, really good, but tiring..I was up at 3 am and could not go back to sleep...it was cold and rainy and the school districts decided to go ahead and have school:)

I'm glad they did because I need to get my hours in and my cleaning lady was coming:)

I dropped Finley off and then Sophia...everyone was wearing western wear....I somehow missed the memo that today was Western Day at daycare (it makes sense because today was the opening day of the rodeo)...

Of course Sophia wears her red or pink or brown boots every day except for today...good times..she didn't seem to notice:)

I picked Finley up from daycare in the afternoon and she was cranky, tired , and in a very bad mood...she threw food at me at home:)

She slept and got in a better mood..:I was so tired, but had a great day at my internship...life is so good and we are sooo truly blessed:)

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