Life...sometimes you just have to live it..

Nobody has a perfect life...you can have all the kids, money, ect in the world, but we are all on this planet trying to be good people.

Today was good. Sophia wanted to go to school and Finley went as well.. Isabella, Mollly, and I headed out to Christa's house:)  

I had to drive to Christa's anyway to drop Molly off for the weekend..I also had a ton ofvschool work and appreciated Isabella hanging out with Abbey and Alisson.

I spent hours and hours yesterday working on a 10 page paper..,half of my assignment) and spent hours and hours trying to finish the other half. Here is a picture I used for the second half:)

I got home and made the girls help me clean their room:) good times!!

Apparently Sophia had the best day because her school brought in a petting zoo...have I mentioned that I don't like petting zoos after watching Oprah (that is another story).

I made an awesome frozen dinner...poppy seed chicken...soo good:)

The girls and I started talking about emergencies...we decided to make a card and keep it in our junk drawer.

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