What a day!!! Right before I started writing this, there is a breaking news story that the Australians may have found that missing airplane..it has been 13 days!!!! 237 missing people...so sad...I have been obsessed with this story...

Christa, Charlotte, and Lily spent the night last night because Brad was out of town..this picture shows you how cute and spoiled Christa's family is:)

Finley is starting to have seperation anxiety...bad!!! I remember Isabella was the same way...Sophia, not so much...if she can't see me, she starts to wail!!!

I figured out I can put her in her high chair with toys and she seems ok...

Here is a picture of me trying to do school work and she is ok as long as she can see me:)

I spent the day working on school work, preparing for a presentation, and working on a fun extra project for the teachers where I am interning...this is super cute:)

I was busy working on these when our carpenter showed up around 4 pm..he felt bad for not coming on Sunday..this is side work for him so I am just appreciative for anything..he is doing an excellent job and he is super reasonable:)

The girls were awesome today:) as always:)

I had my last observation presentation tonight..I am soooo glad I am finished with that part!!! I did the best on this last one and passed:)

Life is good...please pray for the families and victims of that missing airplane.

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