Today was good...back at work...grateful to be feeling a little better.  I still have a bad headache, but I can deal with that.  I am grateful tomorrow is Friday.  Sophia has a check up appointment at the pediatric endocrinologist tomorrow afternoon.  She goes every six months.

I picked the girls up and then when we got home they (or mainly Isabella) wanted to make a book.  I helped her write the words (she told me what she wanted to say, I wrote it down, and then she copied in into her book).  She loves books and loves to read.  When the girls got home they started looking at some of my blog books.  It amazes me how much they have grown.  Looking at all the pictures of when Isabella was 16 months and Sophia was a newborn, I can't get over how we had 2 babies at the same time!  I am excited that we will have one more baby in the house.  I want to cherish every moment because I realize they get big fast!

This weekend should be good.  I told Dave we have to clean our dining room out.  We put a bunch of stuff there when we got new carpet.  Over a month later, it is still there!  This is our only free weekend to get chores done because the following weekend we drop the girls off in Tyler and then fly to California!


Sick...really sick...

Wow, what a couple of days.  It all started Monday as I was driving home from work.  I was tired but then started feeling really bad.  I just kept feeling worse.  I didn't want to eat anything (which is totally weird because I have been a human vacuum lately!).  Dave was really sweet and let me go to bed.  That night was pretty bad. I had a fever and the chills and was up every hour.  At one point in the night I took a hot bath trying to feel better.  Dave had to leave for work before 6 am, so I had to get the girls ready for school, drop them off, and then come back to bed.  By the time I woke up Tuesday morning, I started throwing up.  Thankfully I have the worlds best husband and kids.  Dave picked the girls up and kept them away from me while I got better.  I ended up staying home today as well because I still felt pretty bad and had a horrible headache.  I am pretty sure I had some type of virus that is going around and just pray that the girls or Dave do not get it from me!

Being out for two days just made me realize how much I am going to appreciate having more time at home with the girls next year.  Sophia has been acting out lately and Dave and I think it is because she wants more attention from both of us.

The girls school has started sending us lots of pictures, videos, and online reports.  I love getting these sneak peaks of what is happening at their school.  Today I got lots of picture of Isabella and "her scarf".  The cute story behind the scarf is that is was Dave's grandma Evelyn's scarf.  After she passed away Dave's mom let Ashlee and I take a few to keep for the memories.  I only took one scarf and wish I would have taken a few more.  Isabella loves wearing her "GiGi's" scarf.  She wears it at night and asked to wear it to school.  Dave said no, but I said, "what is the harm".  Apparently she was quite the diva with it at school!


UT Austin

We were supposed to head to Austin after work on Friday.  Poor Dave left downtown at noon, drove to Katy (about an hour) to pick up Sophia for her appointment to the pediatric endocrinology (for a check up), drove her about an hour back to the Medical Center to find out that the doctor was at the other location.  So, he drove home and tried to work from home.  He had to reschedule the appointment for next Friday.  He was still working by 7 pm, so we decided it would be better to just wake up super early to head to Austin.

We woke up at 5:30 am and left around 6:15...We made it to Dave's parents house around 9:30.  We got the girls ready and then headed towards UT campus.  We had lunch and then walked around campus so that  Dave's dad could show the girls where he works.  The weather was AWESOME!!! The girls had a great time.  We got to go to Rich's office and it was very sweet all of the family pictures he had posted all around.  You can tell he loves his family:)


Tuesday the girls had gymnastics/dance.  Their second class was great.  They had a super good time.  Wednesday my boss came into my class to observe me, but she did not stay long because it was the end of class and I just started a short documentary on elections and voting.  She told me she was going to come back Friday.

Friday was go Texan Day.  The girls had to dress up for school.  I put together outfits for them.  They looked super cute.  I think next year I will be more organized and round them up some actually cowboy boots, etc.

I made sure my lesson was really good for Friday.  I had all kinds of good stuff (thanks to Christa's help).  The plan was the last 20 minutes of class they would work on practice AP problems.  Of course my bossed missed all the interactive stuff and came right before the practice problems.  I started thinking to myself, "oh no, what is she going to be able to see"...thankfully one of my students asked a really good question and we were able to have about a 10 minute conversation that was great...then she left....I felt good about what happened...having your boss in your class is important, but still stressful.  Even though I gave my letter of resignation for the end of the year, I still want to do an awesome job!!!



Monday, Monday....Dave was sweet and got the girls ready and took them to school so I could get to work early.  I was supposed to start my counseling internship today, but found out my practicum (15 weeks) got pushed back to after my 8th class.  I start my 8th class next week.  So it looks like I will shadow our counselor in about 6 weeks...which I am happy about because it gives me a little more time to get things together...plus I will only have 3 classes left while doing my practicum... piece of cake!

I picked the girls up from school and took them to a dance shop to buy Isabella ballet and tap shoes (Sophia is using Isabella's old ones).  I also bought them tights without feet (so they can be barefoot when they do the gymnastics part).  We then went grocery shopping and then came home.  Dave made black beans in the crock pot all day and I made salmon, vegetables and rice....it tasted delicious!

We promised the girls they could do their valentines day painting tonight....they had a great time..it was a mess, but fun.  Life is good!



We go home from Tyler around 4:00...There was enough time for Dave to go on a bike ride.  I was going to take the girls to the grocery store, but they really didn't feel like going out.  I decided to go tomorrow or in the next few days.  I found that we still have plenty of food from last week that we didn't eat.  This week should be busy.  The girls have dance on Tuesday. I am super excited I have a week off from graduate school before I start my next class, human development.



Last night we drove to Tyler to visit my parents.  We picked up Paige and Lily along I-10.  Christa, Brad, and the girls will be here later today.  Abbey and Alison had soccer games in the Woodlands...

Valentines Day

Valentines Day was great....the girls and I are so blessed...I told Dave he didn't have to get me flowers or anything...I am super glad he doesn't listen to me.  He stopped by my school and brought me flowers, a balloon and the sweetest card...I almost cried...it is just how thoughtful he is.  One of my student's moms made me chocolate covered strawberries and another gave me a huge candy bar.  I also have a co-worker (I teach her son) that gave me a beautiful box of gourmet chocolates...Of course I didn't tell them I gave up ice cream and sweets for Lent....which I am super glad I did because all of this stuff looked SOOO good!!!

The girls made out like bandits at school for their parties....brought bags full of cards and candy.  Isabella proclaimed she liked Valentines day better than Halloween....I can see why...less work...you don't have to dress up...haha...

I came home, finished setting the table and decorating.  I then picked the girls up.  I didn't have time to cook dinner so the plan was to pick up something. I was going to stop at Whole Foods, but decided to go across the street instead and try a healthy joint called on the Go...it is healthy, gluten free food...I ordered Sophia mac and cheese (it was good!), Isabella a healthy burger and sweet potato fries, and for Dave and I a Greek Plate (sooo good!!!) and a fajita wrap to share...the fajita wrap was soosoo...  I feel like we waited to long to eat it (waiting for Dave) but would definitely go back...healthy options are always good.

Dave came home and we enjoyed our food to a candle lit dinner....We ran out of time for the craft (painting canvases) so I told the girls we could do that soon....Life is good!!!  The only thing that was missing was a nice glass of red wine...which I shall enjoy with our extended family next Valentines Day!!!