Monday, Monday....Dave was sweet and got the girls ready and took them to school so I could get to work early.  I was supposed to start my counseling internship today, but found out my practicum (15 weeks) got pushed back to after my 8th class.  I start my 8th class next week.  So it looks like I will shadow our counselor in about 6 weeks...which I am happy about because it gives me a little more time to get things together...plus I will only have 3 classes left while doing my practicum... piece of cake!

I picked the girls up from school and took them to a dance shop to buy Isabella ballet and tap shoes (Sophia is using Isabella's old ones).  I also bought them tights without feet (so they can be barefoot when they do the gymnastics part).  We then went grocery shopping and then came home.  Dave made black beans in the crock pot all day and I made salmon, vegetables and rice....it tasted delicious!

We promised the girls they could do their valentines day painting tonight....they had a great time..it was a mess, but fun.  Life is good!

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