False Alarms

Last night we met some friends out at a sports burger place. Around 10 pm we received a call from our alarm company saying the house alarm was going off...apparently the front door was open. They asked if we wanted them to send the police and we said of course. We then get a phone call back saying that apparently we never sent in a alarm form to HPD so they would not go. How crazy is that. So we drove home and the door was wide open and the lights were on. I don't remember keeping the lights on. Dave looked under every bed, in every closet, even the attic. Nothing appears to be missing. I made Dave let me have Isabella sleep in our bed (she normally is in her crib) but I just did not feel 100% safe.

Things have been hectic around here (when are they not!). We are supposed to close on our house in 2 weeks and close on the new house in 3 weeks. We are probably going to pack some of the day today. We have the inspection for our new house this morning. We are very excited. It is in Cinco Ranch (a nice planned community). The house is 2700 sq ft, 2 stories, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bath, a game room, and was built in 2006. I am super excited about the little things (not having to take a shower in a space capsule anymore...yea for 1960s houses....I love the house because of its open floor plan and the living room that is 2 stories high. The only thing we have to do is decorate and build some type of patio.

On the graduate school front. Am almost finished...can see the finish line. Christa and I have spent the last month studying for hours upon hours for our comprehensive exam to graduate. (it covered 10 graduate classes). To make a long story short, we took it for over 3 hours and were freaking out when we didn't recognize 1 of the questions. Apparently Sam Houston accidentally sent us the wrong test....how crazy...I think I did well on all of the questions except 1- they have said they will not grade that one because we never took Educational Psychology. I am just glad it is over!!! I do still have to study for my state of Texas principal exam which is next Saturday.

As I am typing this it is 9:13. Both Dave and Isabella are snoring. Isabella woke me up at 5:30 (on a Sat) and have not been able to go back to sleep..good times:)


Isabella is her daddy......

Isabella has looked like her daddy from day one. I am ok with that because: A. I love him, B. he is good looking C. he is great....Anyway, his mother took a picture of him years ago when he was a baby wearing paper bunny ears that she made for him. Dave wanted to do the same for Isabella. This is especially cute since she was born the day after he was (August 7) so all of her milestones will be reached the same time her daddy reached them. I am posting pictures of both of us as babies and the bunny pictures. She doesn't really look much like me, but I am sure that will change in a few months or years.

All good things must come to an end...ie...SPRING BREAK

Isabella and I had a WONDERFUL week spending time together for spring break. Dave was able to take a day off and we spent the weekends together. Isabella is getting so big.

She is 7 months and does the following:

- high fives her mommy
- smiles VERY big when I sing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands"
- officially crawls
- pulls herself up to look at things
- lots of baby talk
- is starting to have separation anxiety
- has 2 teeth

More St. Patty's Day picts


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day and of course I had to dress Isabella up. One of my sweet co-workers (thanks Erica!!!) bought her this cute t-shirt and socks. Both Isabella and I are waiting for Dave to come home for lunch so we can eat and pick up his car from the shop. Someone busted his car window last week and stole his work laptop. The Ford dealership wants to charge us 1000.00 (for the window and a fuse) but we found someone to do the window for 140.00 and I will buy a fuse...I am going to spend the rest of the day checking out children resale shops..I have gotten Isabella some really cute clothes!


baby teeth

Dave wants to know when we can start brushing Isabella's 2 baby teeth...his mom says right now. So I put Dave in charge of that task! This weekend was a wet one in Houston. All is did was rain, rain, and rain. Friday night we went to a sports bar, Dave had had a hamburger, I had fish (of course!) and we played trivia. Saturday we woke up early to go look at houses in Cinco Ranch with our realtor. We have been going back and forth about building vs buying. We are leaning towards buying because the builder is not really budging with the price and we found the same house we love (it is 2 years old) for much less! Saturday night we went to a friends for a crawfish boil and Sunday we had to leave our house so the lady buying it (yea, we have a contract) could do the inspection. We took Isabella to the new and improved Children's Museum. It was awesome!!!! The entire second floor is devoted to tots. We then went to Ikea to start looking for things for our new house. We move April 18th, which is about a month away. While we were at Ikea we bought Isabella a cute stuffed animal. I have this next week off for spring break. I plan on taking it easy and spending time with Isabella!


Teeth and sickness


We have survived an interesting week.....it was last weekend that was really bad...Last week Christa and Will were at home sick with the stomach flu. They got better and then came over on Friday night to help us with our garage sale...(yea..have a contract on the house...we are supposed to close April 18th)...Saturday we went and looked at houses...we are trying to decide whether to build or buy...we thought we wanted to build, but we would have to stay with Christa for about 4 months...we shall see....Sat night we went and had dinner at our friends house (Nicole and Barry)...they are awesome and love Isabella. They bought her the cutest outfit and a little stuffed baby....she loves it. At around 10 pm Dave all of a sudden says "we have to go NOW" he got sick and we had to leave. He got the stomach bug that Christa and Will had. All day Sunday he was sick. I didn't feel well, but was not as bad as Dave...around Sunday evening my stomach started hurting bad and I could just feel it coming on. I knew I would have to call in sick...which sucked because I was supposed to be a chaperon for a zoo trip with the seniors....easy day...but instead Dave was a little better, took Isabella to daycare while I lay sick as a dog in bed all day. It took me days to feel back to normal.

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day before Spring Break. We have decided to stay put for Spring break and relax. I can't wait to spend more quality time with Isabella...she gets cuter by the minute!

She is 7 months....

she has 2 teeth growing, sits up very well, plays with her toys, still loves her exosaucer...loves her bath time, loves when we read books to her...sleeps through the night in her crib (ok...confession time...she cry if we put her to bed straight in her crib, so I let her fall asleep in my bed while I am watching tv..usually around 8 pm and then Dave puts her in her crib)...

She loves when I pick her up from daycare....she smiles really big...I can't wait till this summer when we can hang out all day together...


Spring Break is NEAR!

Isabella and I are really looking forward to spring break (we have one more week). Things have been pretty good. We got an offer on our house that we accepted....keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out. If everything goes as planned we close on April 18th. As soon at the 10 day option period is over we are going to start looking at a house to buy. We love Cinco Ranch (in Katy, Texas)and hope to find a house there. Isabella had a doctors appointment Tuesday where she got 3 shots and they weighed/measured her. She almost weighs 16 lbs. The doctor said she can start eating bananas, cantaloupe, cheerios....I couldn't believe cheerios!!! She said Isabella seems mature for her age...(all of 7 months)!!!! It is funny when the nurse goes through a developmental list every time and ask you if she does certain things...you just want to lie and say YES to everything...I am truthful of course, but many things I can't remember (hold something in each hand at the same time)..so I say I don't know...then of course I get home and Dave says, of course she can do ____. I then put 2 different things in her hand and yes, she can...I have the best friends ever....my co-worker bought Isabella the cutest St. Patrick's Day t-shirt and socks and my friend Ashley bought her a hat with a flower. She was the hit of the daycare. Tomorrow Dave is taking the day off because he has been working a million hours...He told me he would like to keep Isabella home with him so he can spend time with her...that made me so happy...I was glad I didn't have to ask him, and he wanted to on his own. I always prefer her being at home with one of us if she can...we love her daycare, but being with mommy and daddy is important!


Weekend fun with Isabella

This weekend was all about spending quality time with Isabella. Saturday Dave and I took her to the children's museum where we happened to run into Paige. The children's museum is under construction so there were only a few parts for babies. The new and improved museum will open in 2 weeks with the entire upstairs devoted to babies!!!! Sunday we woke up and took her to Discovery Green- a park in downtown Houston. They had music, the weather was beautiful, so we put down a blanket and relaxed. I want to take her to the zoo soon!