Fill in the blank Friday

It is almost midnight...I have already posted twice.....Dave and Isabella are sleeping next to me....I like reading blogs...my co-worker Julie, has a sweet daughter with a great personality who blogs...Her name is Casey....I am stealing this blog entry from her.... 1. My current obsession is trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up....what my career is supposed to look like.... 2. My amazing family/friends/life makes me happy. 3. My greatest strength is to multi-task....I am sooo unorganized, but somehow I manage to do a million things a day.... 4. Not being as romantic to my husband as he is to me is my greatest weakness. >5. My life is wonderful, crazy, intense, busy, filled with joy, stressful... 6. In high school I was nice....not extremely popular, but dependable, straight arrow....a bit square.... 7. When I'm super tired I fall asleep without brushing my teeth and washing my face....

Belle and Snow White

Today was great...Friday...Fridays are always good...My working out in the gym am is starting to show off...I can fit into some of my skinny "size 4" jeans....hooray for that!!! I picked up the girls from school and was very shady about where we were headed...Isabella asked, but I just made excuses...truth be told we were on our way to Lab Corp in Katy so that Sophia could have her blood test run again...the girls were so cute and good as we waited...Isabella asked me to get her lip gloss out of her backpack (apparently she won it at school)...big mistake...you can't give one girl one thing and not the other...I know this, but just was preoccupied. So, I pulled out the lip gloss and then had to listen to them fight...not a big fight..Isabella shared, but Sophia wouldn't give it back...I had to put it in my purse and then hide the purse...They finally called our names and both girls were in great moods...I held Sophia and Isabella sat in a chair...the second they put the rubber band around Sophia's arm she started crying...that scared Isabella so she started crying...I was pretty much a scartey cat as well because I just held Sophia tight and closed my eyes....This is the second time in recent times I have had to hold her while they draw blood....and it seems like it takes forever....(which is doesn't)...The good news is that she cried as we were leaving, but once in the car was jamming to the kid cd. We then headed to Target to buy Halloween costumes (the school fall festival is tomorrow and they said the kids could wear costumes)....Isabella for weeks said she wanted to be Snow White...and then she had a sudden abrupt change of heart...she wanted to be Cinderalla....and then she saw the Belle costume....(I told her she had one at home that looked very similar....she said, no mom...this one has flowers"...she is my girl, always trying to get a new outfit) Isabella threw out her suggestions for Sophia (pumpkin, garden nome)...I decided Sophia would be Snow White...I might even put my short black wig on her...we also bought birthday gifts for Allison and Abby...they have a family birthday party at Christa's house tomorrow...the girls are super excited because all the girls (Sophia and Isabella included) will be making a craft...fleece pillows that you tie instead of sew... So tomorrow we will go to the school Fall festival and then go to Christa's to the family party...Sunday I was invited to a Pampered Chef party...I am going to go for a few hours....pretty full weekend...plus I have school work to do:) The next 2 weeks will be 4 day work weeks for me....YEA!!! my mom and sister Michelle are coming in Thursday night...next weekend is my mom's 60th bday in Austin present...Christa and I are taking Friday off so that we can leave Houston earlier rather than later...Dave is taking the girls to Austin later that day....the girls are excited because their Aunt Ashlee is taking them to a birthday party for a cute little boy named Quinn.

Heaven on a Friday night

Sushi delivery....specifically the best tuna tar tar....and some chicken terraki....I have been craving food from Kira and finally got to order...they are so reasonable....for less than 20 dollars the kids and I ate sushi that was delivered (Dave ate leftover chilli)...Life is good..We are now upstairs with the girls, Dave is reading them stories while I get in my "daily blog":)


Dance day

Hectic day...(what's new)....Isabella had a great time at her dance class....When I picked Sophia up from school the class was in a circle reading a book and Sophia was in the teacher's lap...this seems like a common theme...Sophia played at the Y while Isabella had her class, and when I picked her up, she was in the arms of one of the ladies...she loves to be held..I just hope she isn't hogging the teachers at school:) The girl's school is having teacher parent conferences next week...I signed us up for one on Tuesday and one on Thursday...should be interesting:) Poor Dave...the weather was so bad it too him 2 hrs to get home from work. We haven't seen rain in forever, so I am not going to complain...and this weekend the weather should be nice... I joked today at work with Christa that I have never been able to have a job where I have been able to be lazy....I guess it is a Skelly work 110% ethic our parents instilled in us....I really like my job, and am very grateful to have a job in this economy....I just think that it is important that no matter where you work, if you have people working hard, who truly care, you should tell them every once in a while...hey, I appreciate you working so hard...when you don't get that for years, it just puts things in a different perspective...humans have a natural desire to be appreciated for hard work. Speaking of which, I have some of the most amazing students this year....just really kind, sweet kids....I am appreciative for that...And the fact I have the most awesome co-teacher....life is good...

hippy girl

Isabella is my hippy girl...she loves her little hippy skirts....she and her sister love each other sooooo much!!!


Mom, no I will not pose for you....

this seems to be the theme lately....they don't care if I have them in matching outfits:) They both had cute side pony tails (courtesy of their teachers)...I appreciate they spiffy the girls up in the morning....nothing new to report...normal day....I am super excited I am able to go back to my am workouts...there is a very sweet older lady (70? 80?)....who works there in the morning...she is
the sweetest lady ever...She makes sure to know everyone and their name...and when you aren't there for a few days she gets concerned....the funny things is that I look SOOOOOO bad when I walk through the door and work out...I literally get out of bed, brush my teeth, put my workout clothes on and throw my hair in some type of mess on the top of my hair....It is funny because the last few days she has seen me after I shower and get ready for work...her reaction is priceless....she can't believe I change so much and actually don't look like a troll....haha...she will say, wow, you look so....nice!...haha...so sweet..and funny... I made nachos for the girls' dinner....we had chili left over from Sunday, packed with lots of healthy veggies....they loved it....Every Monday and Thursday is show and tell in Isabella's class....Isabella makes me feel guilty when we forget...(they just started this)....they want the kids to bring pictures of trips or something educational....so far we brought the wild west cruise picture and tomorrow Isabella is bringing a picture of the 4 of us in Colorado last year. Both girls' classes are getting ready for this Saturday's fall festival. Isabella is super excited about the Scare Crow her class has stuffed...when I walked into the class to pick her up, 2 little boys were fighting over the scarcrow's hat...Sophia's report said she really enjoyed the book they read and that she was the baby. 2 more days until the weekend!!!! Tomorrow we get to wear jeans and our college shirts....Dave ordered me a really nice rajun cajun one for my birthday last year....Christa will probably wear her Baylor t-shirt...I always joke and say she is a "poser" because her husband went to Baylor, she went to ULL and Sam Houston:)


Please meet in the middle of the stairs

How sad am I....I just wanted a cute picture of the girls in their matching outfits when we got home from school/work....Isabella climbed to the top and Sophia stayed at the bottom...I kept pleading with them to sit on the same step....they wouldn't....they just ignored me...is this what i have to look foward to?? haha... Today was a good day....It seems like I (and the rest of my co-worker
s) are working especially hard this year....maybe it is the larger classes and budget cuts, but the state is getting their money's worth:) My appraiser came in today for a few minutes...He didn't see anything too exciting...we are getting ready for eco fair in a couple of weeks and some kids have no idea what is going on...I spent today going step by step and showing examples of products, video advertisements, and at the end of the period we played a slogan game... I stayed until about 4:30 because kids were making up work and trying to boost their grades (progress report grades close tomorrow)...I even had one boy try to convice me today was Monday (so I wouldn't take 20% off for being late)....he had me for a second until I remembered that I wore my new orange shirt to work yesterday....Monday!!! haha...During 7th period I kept calling a boy by the wrong name..his name is MIchael....for some reason Robert came out of my name every time I called on him....now I am paranoid about calling on him....I know 90% of the kids names....not so bad for having to learn about 150 (some harder than others) names....especially the Spanish names where you have to roll your tongue....


copycat sisters

Today was great...started the early workouts again...the girls had a great day at school...They have their fall festival at school on Saturday. Sophia's teachers said she has the cutest personality...at lunch she would pretend to be asleep and then all of a sudden open her eyes and say booo.....the kids giggled and giggled....she is going to be my little class clown... I had about 4 kids withdraw from my AP Macroeconomics class today...they are sweet but just thought it was too hard or didn't want to put in the work their senior year....I get it...I am disappointed because they are sweet kids:)

same shirt...different girls

Here are two pictures comparing the gilrs in the same Who Dat shirt! Sophia is first, Isabella is second.

Who Dat!!!!

What a game!!! It was close..Texans vs the Saints...my heart will always be Saints number 1, but Texans is my second favorite team...We had a great time at our house....lots of food and friends...half Saints fans, half Texans fans...I was glad the game was a noon game so I could nap in the late afternoon and then finish my lesson plans.


Girls Day Out

The girls needed new school shoes so I decided Isabella and I would have a mommy and daughter day out...(I spent all day with Sophia the other day and will do the same with her soon)...Dave had a nice day with Sophia....Isabella was soooo good...We started out at Kohls to look for shoes for both the girls and I....I haven't bought a new pair of running shoes in about 5 years.....crazy...I have still been wearing the shoes I ran the marathon in...Anyway, Kohls had the best deals!!! I got a great pair of cute Nike's for about 40.00....and I am sure I will wear them for 5 more years...I joke with Dave that he is so lucky he did not marry a shoe girl. Anyway they didn't have much for kids so we headed to Katy Mills Mall to have lunch and look for kids shoes. Isabella was so sweet and asked if she could ride the carousel. In the past she has been terrified of it and refused to ride. The last time at Katy Mills, Sophia rode while Isabella cried on the sideline because she was scared and because her sister was on it...This time was much better....The cost was 2.00 and I was free as long as I didn't sit down (that is what the kid said)...I ultimately bought the girls the same shoes I have purchased them in every size....whiten leather ked mary janes....I usually get them on sale...they are easy for the girls to wear, match almost everything, are school appropriate, and are durable. Sometimes I have even found them at a secondhand shop or Goodwill Select.... We got home and then went to the grocery store with the whole family...by the time we were home again, Isabella was out....she hadn't had a nap and was exhausted! I am going to grade papers and watch Modern Family with Dave...Tomorrow we are having a bunch of people over for the Saints/Texans game...The good news is that everyone in our house is healthy again!!!!