Home sweet home

We are back in Katy after a very nice weekend. We love visiting family, but it seems we are always on the road...our next road trip is in a month when we head back to Austin for my mom's bday weekend. Dave and the girls will visit his parents.

Today we came home and had to kill a few hours because our cleaning lady was at our house. We feel uncomfortable being here when she is cleaning so we headed to Katy Mills mall so Dave could buy some pants and then to HEB to do our grocery shopping.

Dave and I like to watch tv together, but we never can agree on a show (he likes Highlander, Bones, Star Space Galactic, etc)...I like reality shows (Top Chef, Great Food Truck Race, Teen Mom, etc)...so we have decided to try Modern Family. My brother in law Danny recommended it, so we shall try it out:)

This week is only four days, but these tend to be the longest ones....I am supposed to go to Bunko tomorrow, but just can't because I have too much going on this month. Thursday Isabella has her first dance class (second times a charm)...


The Rodriguez Family said...

Love Modern Family...you will too!

nana said...

Modern Family is awesome! I also love 30 Rock & Cougar Town.