Everyone is feeling better! We seriously took it easy the entire weekend. It was nice. Today the kids don't have school!

Finley has enough hair for a ponytail.

We are hoping our patio gets finished this week. We have a ton of family coming in starting on Wednesday!

Life is good!


Stomach Bug Part Deux

Two weeks ago I had the stomach bug and now Finley has it. She even had to miss her Valentine's Party.

Isabella was so excited about her party!

(She doesn't ride in the front seat, this is her in the car rider line after she got out of her car seat).

Isabella's teacher celebrated her 1/2 year birthday. I thought this was cute since she has a mid-August birthday!

Sophia had a great party!

We had bunco at my house last night.

Hopefully Finley gets well soon and doesn't pass it to the other girls!



This week was great! Tuesday my friend Jessica and I decked a room for a 9 year old at Texas Children's. 

Wednesday and Thursday were busy running errands.

This was from a date. We went to the backyard grill Wednesday night!

Notice the mismatched shoes.

We met friends at the yogurt shop:)

We are so blessed!


The Stomach Bug

My dad came into town this past weekend and I was so excited about having fun. Christa helped me get my house ready on Friday in preparation. 

Sadly Saturday morning I woke up and got a call from her that she was very sick and had been throwing up all night. I admitted that my stomach felt a little weird, but was feeling pretty good. As the day went on, I felt worse and worse. I had zero appetite. By the time 3 pm rolled around, I had to admit it to myself and Dave, I was sick, very sick. 

I quarantined myself into my room and just went to bed for the next 18 hours. I had chills, a fever, and then started feeling better. I guess it was my turn. Thankfully I got a flu shot so that if it was flu, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Dave, my dad, his brother, and the kids watched a ton of movies. We ended up having a low key Super Bowl away from others to keep sickness away.

The patio is almost finished!!!! We have had a million workers in and out!

This week is going to be crazy busy!! We have activities lined up every day this week!

Here is a picture of the girls today at Home Depot. On top of the illness, our washing machine (I kept saying dryer on FB) broke. Luckily I found a cheap replacement!

Here is the landscaping project that was started today.

Here is my nephew Will. I'm so proud of him for earning a 1 (the best) and medal for playing the trumpet at his UIL competition!