Getting Ready for Halloween

Thursday night was hectic. Isabella and I stopped at HEB to buy all of the goodies for Halloween. Her school Tiger Trail had a little festival where they paraded the little kids in their costumes and then had little booths. Isabella helped me make goodie bags for all of the kids in her class. I also bought her teachers candy apples. They treat her so well so I always try to do nice things for them. Plus, she is such a little drama queen, I feel guilty sometimes when I drop her off:)


Flying Posts

I just got into work. On the way a Fed Express truck hit a bunch of those white dividing polls that stand up..they started flying everywhere...one even hit my car...thankfully there was no damage! This morning I go for my last ultra sound. I am about a week late, but kept rescheduling it hoping Dave could go with me. Every time I would have to change it because he had a work conflict. Today was the 3rd change and he can't go with me because he is in Port Arthur at the natural gas terminal so Christa is going to go with me. We both have 3rd period off so we can run over there really quick. I am excited to see Sophia and make sure she is ok. I am 33 weeks and a day, so I have less than 7 weeks until my due date. I am still doing really well on my weight. I have gained 21 pounds so far. It is funny because everyone says you start showing sooner with the second and you gain more weight, but it has been the opposite with me. I think it is because I have been working the later part of the pregnancy where with Isabella I was at home during the summer for the last 10 weeks. I much prefer this situation! Dave and I did just find out that we have to start paying for Sophia's daycare now if we want to hold her spot at the same daycare where Isabella goes. It is a tad disappointing, but I completely understand that they have to charge if others want the spot right now! So, I am grateful that they are offering it to us first:)

This has been such a crazy week. On Monday I had a student in my 2nd period arrested. He was literally taken out of my class by a cop and then handcuffed right outside my room. Crazy what this world is coming to. It makes me sad because I blame the kids, but I also blame the environment they are living in where illegal behavior is accepted. Often the kids parents are in jail. There seems to be this attitude with some (not all) of my students that stealing is ok. I was raised the complete opposite (thank you mom and dad!!!) that it is never right.

Anyway, today is hump day. Dave gets back into town tomorrow night. Tonight we have report card pick up at school so Paige (and Brad) are going to babysit Isabella. It should be a long day. Friday we are having dinner at a friends house, Saturday is Halloween. Cinco Ranch is having a children's festival and I am signed up to work the mommies group booth for 30 minutes. I guess we will then leave some candy out and take Isabella trick or treating or maybe just pass out candy at our house. Sunday we are having dinner at another friends house...(Pizza and Pinot Noir)...of course I can't drink the Pinot Noir, but I can eat the pizza:)

Before I forget...Please pray for Dave's grandma. She is in the hospital and has been having health issues. I think she might be coming home today or tomorrow. Dave's mom is in New York with her. She is the sweetest lady and still has a long life ahead of her. She is older, but is in pretty good health.


Fake cry

We woke up this morning with our normal routine. Isabella hates when I do her hair in the morning. I end up having to bribe her or hand her something to keep her preoccupied. This morning she started to fake cry when I tried to do her hair. It is actually pretty funny, if not cute. Of course I can't let her know I think this! It rained so hard this morning that it took Dave over an hour to get to work downtown. I don't like rain, but do like the cooler weather that it brought!

Today has been a pretty good day. I am teaching the multiplier to my ap macroeconomics students. It can be confusing, but I feel they are starting to grasp the concept. I had them read an article out of The Economist that was about the Multiplier and our Economy/ Recession. They then had to summarize the article using a technique called GIST....basically they have to summarize the article in 20 words...no more...no less...It is actually harder than it sounds. The kids liked the activity. Christa and I figured out we could retire from teaching around the age of 54. I don't know if I will make it in the classroom that long! It was funny because later today after the conversation I passed her classroom and she was teaching. I had this funny image pop into my head of the two of us 25 years from now teaching....except in my image she was wearing a sack dress....It is funny because we laugh about as teachers get older, they start looking like teachers!!! Hopefully we will always be hip, young, and energetic....oh ya, and positive! Today in one of my classes one of my students commented that he liked to get mail when he was in jail. Another student commented that we would write to him the next time he goes back....how crazy is that....these conversations are normal....I just know little Isabella and Sophia will not be in a school environment where this talk is "normal".

Tomorrow we go to Shreveport. We are leaving right after work and should arrive around 7:30 pm. My aunt invited all of us over to her house Saturday afternoon to have lunch before my cousin's wedding. Hopefully this weekend won't fly by!!!!


A Little About Me

A little bit about me

I read this on Jenny R's blog and thought I would join along.

So here I go:
1. What is your favorite thing to snack on while your blogging?
Anything chocolate

2. What is one thing you wouldn't want to live without?
My family!!!!!

3. Beach, Mountains, or Farm? Where would you live if you had a choice?
The mountains....love them.....so much:)

4. What's your least favorite chore/household duty?

5. Who do people say you remind them of?
I used to get Haley Mills from the Parent Trapp when I was growing up.

6. Prefer parties and socializing or staying home with the fam?
Both equally!!!

7. What's your all time favorite movie?
I don't have one favorite...there are several I really like...Bridget Jones Diary, Hotel Rwanda, Over the Hedge, The Enron Movie, Life is Beautiful

8. Do you sleep in your make-up or remove it like a good little girl every night?
Sleep in it most nights....even though I know better!

9. Do you have a hidden talent or a deep desire to learn something that you've never had a chance to learn? What is it
I would like to learn how to sew...maybe a quilt even.

10. What's one strange thing you're really good at?
Teaching high school seniors:)

11. What first attracted you to your spouse?
His personality....He is the funniest person I know....I love him sooo much!!!!

12. What is something you love to smell?
Dave's cologne

13. Tell something about you that you know irritates people.
I don't like talking on the phone.

14. When you have extra money, what's the first thing you think to do with it?
Buy clothes, shoes, or other stuff for Isabella...and now Sophia!

15. Are you a silent laugher or a loud laugher? What makes you laugh the hardest?
Laugh out loud. Love jokes, comedy routines, and when I am just plain tired, but in a good mood and I get the giggles...

16. Where is your favorite place to shop?
H&M....too bad they don't have one anywhere near here....maybe that is a good thing!

17. What's one things you'd do more often if you had more time?

18. Are you a big spender or frugal?
My husband would say big spender, I would say I like to spend money, but I can be pretty frugal when I need to be. I always tell him he should be glad he married someone who doesn't spend more than 20.00 on most of her purses or shoes.

19. Who is your favorite character of all time? (from a movie or a book, can't be real)Barney...haha...just joking...I can't even think of someone...

20. Would you want to be famous?
Not really....I am very happy with my life!

I would love to read more about you! Your turn!

Homecoming Festival

Christa and I are co-sponsors of the Senior Women at our school. Our club is in charge of the Homecoming Tiger Festival so we had to stay late and help make sure things ran smoothly. I went and picked up Isabella so that she could go to the festival. She had a blast and was often the subject of many "she is sooo cute" comments! Dave has a late business dinner so we are on our own until later tonight. When we got home this evening, Isabella and I were very delighted to find a package from her grandma Karen. The package contained a ton of VERY CUTE clothes for Isabella and a very cute sweater for little Sophia. As Isabella was opening the package and looking through the clothes, she said "cute....". She also say pumpkin!

I need to start slowing down. I have had a few rough days lately. Last night I was in so much pain (it felt like Sophia was turning and turning in my stomach). I was also having Braxton Hicks. The good news is I have only gained 20 pounds in this pregnancy so far and I have 7 weeks remaining. Now, if I can do well for Halloween and Thanksgiving, I will be doing great.

This weekend we are going with my family to Shreveport to attend my cousin Johnathan's wedding. I am looking forward to going because I haven't seen the Machen family in a long time.

I almost forgot, this morning Isabella, Dave, and I had breakfast at the new McDonals by our house. Talk about FANCY!!!! The interior was so cool. It was decorated in an Asian theme. It looked like a hip coffee shop instead of McDonalds!


Dewberry Farms

Today was a great day. This morning we went to breakfast at Skeeters with my parents and then after they left we drove out to Brookshire, Texas to Dewberry Farm. It was such a beautiful day (weather was perfect!). Isabella, Dave, and I had a blast at the farm. There must have been a thousand people out there. They had a huge pumpkin patch, a corn maze, goats, tractor rides, food, etc. It is a perfect place for little ones 6 and under. Isabella would not ride the pony so Dave carried her while they walked around the center.


Big game

Today is the big university of Texas vs Oklahoma game...Dave has been looking foward to this game forever. The plan was to watch it at Christa and Brad's house while we wait for mom and dad to come in. When we got to their house Brad's patents were watching another big college game...pretty funny..,so they offered to watch Isabella for a while why we ran down to Willie's Ice house to watch it...I have never seen Dave so nervous!!!!!!

Last night we went and had sushi down the street from our house..it was really good and we got happy hour prices, but the atmosphere wasn't the greatest. Isabella loves fried calamari and also likes sushi.. We let her carry her real little pumpkin with her...she is such a cutie pie:)


Almost Friday

Today was kind of a bummer. I left work sick at 1pm because I felt terrible. Dave picked Isabella up so that I was able to come home and sleep for a few hours uninterrupted. I feel a lot better and think that maybe I ate something bad because I don't have a fever and instead have been nauseous all day. Dave and I both are really excited about tomorrow being Friday. My mom is flying in from Seattle on Saturday and my dad is driving in to meet her and stay with us. He is also bringing the Christmas tree they are giving us. It is HUGE!!!! We (probably me more than Dave) are sooo excited about it. The tree will look beautiful in our new house with high ceilings! I have no idea where we will store it until Christmas, so I told Dave maybe we could just put it up now....I know it is very early, but who would know??? hahah...There is supposed to be a cold front coming through this weekend and we are hoping to take Isabella to Newberry Farms, a pumpkin patch about 7 miles from Katy. UT is playing Oklahoma Sat around noon so Dave wants to make sure to watch that as well.

Isabella is doing pretty well. I did catch her hitting a kid yesterday when I picked her up. I put her in the naughty chair at school and she was not a happy camper. Dave and I are trying to get her to stop throwing tantrums. We set up the play pen in the dining room as the "naughty place"...I think it is working.

She is obsessed with closing doors, cabinets, etc and books. We must read 10-15 books to her a day. She loves them!!!! They are everywhere around our house...I even found one on the bathroom floor....too funny


Day off from work:)

Today is Columbus Day which means that Isabella and I have the whole day to spend together. We woke up a little late (7am!) got dressed and then went shopping at the Galleria. I was looking for long sleeve shirts for Isabella. After the "brief" cold front this weekend, I realized she didn't have many long sleeve shirts. The shopping trip was pretty successful. I only bought things that were on sale. I bought her some cute things, bought little Sophia a few things and bought Brad's 2 girls, Allison and Abigail birthdays presents. Isabella and I had lunch on the patio of Kona Grill (which is also in the Galleria). Today really made me appreciate my life, my beautiful daughter, and having a full time job. I spend money when I am not working, so being at work it a good thing!!!! I only have about 9 weeks left until the new baby arrives. We are all getting excited. When Isabella was picking out a pumpkin on Saturday I remarked that next Halloween we will have 2 little ones picking out pumpkins! I know Isabella will be jealous at first, but she will love having someone to play with:)

Isabella LOVES dancing and points her finger when she is singing/ dancing...it is so cute. She still loathes having her diaper changed, me clipping her finger nails (Dave still uses the "I can't cut her finger nails because I made her bleed when she was a little baby"), and when I try and fix her hair. I can't wait until she grows out of that stage:) When we were at one of the stores today there was another little girl her age who was eating raisins and shared them with her. I did not realize she likes raisins, so I need to remember to pick them up from the store. Isabella is getting easier to take with me. It seems like I don't have to pack a million things. I can actually just throw a couple of diapers/ wipes in my purse and go!

P.S. the bib in the picture is the one I bought for Isabella at the Rice Festival this weekend. I bought little Sophia one that is pretty similar.


Katy Rice Festival

Saturday we had to kill time while our cleaning lady was cleaning our house (yes....we finally found a house cleaner...thanks to Christa...she is wonderful. She spent 5 hours cleaning our house on Sat!) so we headed to Katy's Rice Festival. We had the best time. A cold front came through on Friday so the weather was nice and chilly. They had a ton of really cute booths with goods for sale, bands, and good food. I bought Isabella and Sophia the cutest personalized heavy duty bibs. Isabella danced and had the best time picking out a pumpkin.

Isabella is 14 months
- she took a shower for the first time and liked it.
- she waves to everyone all the time
- she brings books to us for us to read to her
- she is still a picky eater
- she laughs a lot, espcially when we are joking around and put stuff on our heads
- she sometimes (not often) sleeps in mommy and daddy's bed (when we are too tired to bring her upstairs to her crib
- she likes to eat brisket
- she talks a lot more

Stock the Bar Shower

Friday night Dave and I hosted a stock the bar shower for Christa and Brad. They are getting married in January in a destination wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. The party was a lot of fun. I went with a black and green theme which turned out cute. I ordered beer coozies that had their name and wedding date on them.


Greek Festival

Today we had a busy day. Dave and I have been getting ready for a stock the bar shower we are throwing Brad and Christa next Friday night. I think they are both going to be happy with the celebration! Today we went to the Greek Festival and had a great time. We then came back and relaxed, went back out to run a few errands, went and ate dinner at Outback and then came back and had family time. Isabella was dancing while Dave was playing music and playing on his guitar. Tomorrow we are going to church and I am going to a bow making class. Hopefully I will learn how to make bows and save a small fortune I would otherwise spend for Isabella and Sophia.

A few more cute things Isabella has been doing lately:
- she loves having a blanket in the car so she can put it over herself and go to sleep (she gets that from her mom)
- she waves all the time at strangers...hams it up big time!
- when she wakes up in the morning she wants to bring her "blankie" downstairs with her...any blanket she has slept with
- she has Larry the Longhorn Molly the Moose (thanks Grandma and Grandpa) that she loves!!!

Picture Day

Isabella had picture day the other day. I bought this pottery barn dress (still had the tags on it) at my favorite resale shop in Houston. She wasn't happy about pictures at first, but then indulged her father and I as we were taking iphone and digital camera pictures. Her teachers told me she did not smile at school for the pictures. Lots has happened in the last couple of weeks at her daycare. About a week ago when I went to pick her up the daycare ladies told me she was bit by another kid. I read the "incident report" and could not help laughing. Apparently one of Isabella's classmates wanted her to move away from the dress up area (she probably was hogging it or something) but refused...so the kid bit her. I was not happy she was bit, but was relieved that she was not the bitter, but the bittee.

The daycare teachers say she is a princess and drama queen. They love her to death, but have grown to ignore her tantrums, especially when she dramatically throws herself on the ground, fake cries, and then tries to see if anyone is watching. She also has started bossing around one of the other little boys in her class. The daycare teacher said she will throw down her pacifier and then make little Isaiah (who is actually pretty big for his age) pick it up for her. Crazy....

Isabella is almost 14 months: she
- has started shutting all of the doors that she can
- she likes putting things on her head
- she loves playing peek a boo
- she mimics a lot more words
- she fake cries
- she loves to sit in mommy or daddy's lap while we read a book to her