We have been decorating for the holidays.

This is our first house with a fireplace. It is awesome!

Finley doesn't use a paci, but she found one and joked about sucking on it.

Girls got their passports.


We have stamped concrete!

Today they started the stamped concrete! We are so excited because we just want a patio we can use. We are so blessed!

Finley loves her fancy fur coat! A sweet friend with three adorable girls gave Finley a ton of cute clothes when she was born. We are so appreciative!

We rescued this rescue dog named whiskey who had a chip and apparently was not well taken care of. We returned him to the original rescue people.

We took the girls to Costco. They are too cute talking to each other.

Sophia at school. 


Isabella's Book


This weekend was very lazy. I watched a ton of House episodes. Dave took a personal day on Friday because he has a few days he needs to use. We are so blessed.

Isabella had a game on Sarurday and then we had a birthday party in the afternoon.

We watched Will and Charkotte in the evening.


First World Blessings

Our backyard seems like it is a standstill. We have had workers about one or two times per week. I'm trying to stay positive:)

It's cold in Houston:)

Dave surprised me Tuesday with a date night.

My sweet neighbor made us a lasagna!