sick, sick, and sick

So the Wilcox house has been the "sick house" for 2 weeks straight....The first week was the worst...both girls had the stomach flu....lots of vomiting and diarrhea...sorry if it is tmi...Dave was awesome and took 3 days off...(he worked from home)...and I took 2 days off. I have pretty much run out of sick days, so everyday I do not go to work, we are losing money....Last Monday the girls went back to daycare, where they both proceeded to get colds...our entire house now has it...the picture I am including is pretty funny...When Dave keeps the girls at home, he usually keeps them in their feet jammies and throws on a pair of jeans over them....saves time and effort he says...


Isabella 20 months

Isabella is getting so big. She can almost sing the alphabet song all the way. She is really talking a lot. We took away the paci and she has been really taking it well. She is sleeping in her big girl bed. She sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and tries to get us to come up...the other night it was 1 AM when she got up...we tried to ignore her, but she then started clapping loud saying "wake up mommy, wake up daddy". She is such a ham!!!

Some things we are working on...she points her finger and says "NO!"...she says mine a lot and no...

other than that, she is a sweetie pie...she has a mouth full of teeth that she brushes most mornings and nights. She loves to have bows in her hair. After I get her ready everyday, she looks in the mirror and says "cute..." She is very protective of her sister. When her daycare friends try to touch Sophia, Isabella points her finger and tells them "NO"...which of course we do not want her to do....

She loves our new car because it allows her to watch DVDS. She loves Ice Age, Over the Hedge, the Princess and the Frog, Shrek, and Barney...not that we are sticking her in front of the tv everyday!! We aren't!

Tomorrow morning we are taking her to a gymnastics mommy or daddy and me class. Our neighbor told us about it...

Sophia 4 months

Once again, all I can say is she is a smiley girl...she loves to smile. She is really alert, loves to look at everything around her. She is sleeping through the night. In fact, on Monday we are going to put her in the crib upstairs for the first time. We have Isabella and Sophia sharing a room since they are so close in age. Sophia is on the verge of rolling over, still hates tummy time, and is not a paci girl at all. She spits it out of her mouth often. This is so opposite of Isabella. Sophia talks alot...not literally, but coos and coos.

Our Girls

We love our girls. They are so sweet and really love each other. Isabella is always trying to feed Sophia, put the paci in her mouth, and love on her. They are really going to be close as they get older.