Things are good.

Sophia is in a tantrum stage. She throws a million a day.

She got bitten by something but we have no idea what.

Tonight Melissa invited us to a ladies charity function at her church. Everyone who sponsored a table came up with a theme. Our table was Paris. Melissa did an amazing job!!!! All proceeds benefitted a charity to stop human trafficking.

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More weekend pictures


Finley has been throwing so many tantrums!

This weekend has been fun. Isabella had homecoming and a football game. I can't get over how serious the kindergarten and first grade football players, cheerleaders, and parents are. I'm grateful because everyone is so nice.

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Our weeks have officially become busy. We have gymnastics, cheer, CCE, and a ton of other stuff. We are so blessed!

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Saturday we watched lots of football.


It was supposed to be a wet weekend but it really wasn't that bad. I got my latest stich fix and only kept the green shirt.

My parents came Friday because my mom flew to Seattle Saturday.

I took Finley and Sophia to song play on Friday.

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