The Roomba!!!

We go through vacuums like people go through ....??? I'm not sure but we buy a new one about every 6 months. When we bought our new house I bought the cheapest 40.00 black and decker.

I knew the cleaning lady was coming today and that I had to buy a new vacuum.

Here is what I knew:

1. We needed a new vacuum badly.
2. I wanted a roomba.
3. Everyone recommended either the roomba (robot that vacuums on it's own) or the Dyson (good, but about 500.00).
4. Dave told me to go buy a Dyson.

I strategically bought a 120 Hoover from Kroger for the cleaning lady (fingers crossed it lasts at least a year) and bought the 650 series roomba for about 350. It is amazing!

We met a group of girls for lunch at a cork cafe. I was the only one to order one glass of wine (Christa was driving). The food was really good!

We picked up the girls from music.

Life is good.we are blessed!

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