Family Date Night

Today was good...My kids were rowdy, but good.  I worked out today and Dave saw Dave beat me there.  We got home and Dave decided to take his girls on a date at a restaurant in Fulshur with an awesome patio.  The place was GREAT! Dekkers Mesquite Grill.  The food was sooo good!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be busy...Halloween...Kids dress up at my school as a fund raiser for the local food bank.  I wanted to dress up as fiscal policy...but I only thought about it today and don't have time...We have family and friend coming over for gumbo and trick or treating tomorrow...Life is good!!!


Weekend Picts


Isabella was super excited to tell me they learned about "hurnicanes"...that is how she pronounced it...so cute.  Today was great.  I picked the girls up from school and they helped me around the house.  They helped me fold towels and clean up their room.  Tomorrow the cleaning lady is coming, so we try and get ready.  I am making a big gumbo Wednesday for everyone who is coming over.  I decided to make it tonight because I knew Wednesday I would be too busy.  Plus gumbo always tastes better a few days later!

Solo time with kids....

The rest of the weekend was great.  There were a few hiccups (Sophia was sitting on the bar stool...she peed and did not tell anyone..I was walking  past her and slipped an fell....that was certainly a first). 

We had a great weekend with Dave's family.  We hung out, played outside, grilled, played chicken foot, carved pumpkins, roasted the pumpkin seeds.  Sunday Dave took Isabella to a birthday party. I took Sophia to the mall and we met up with Ashlee.  It was so nice to spend quality time with her.  Dave felt the same way.  Last night we went to bed early.  Everyone was exhausted and I didn't want to finish watching the Saints get creamed by the broncos.  We are trying to wean Sophia away from pull ups.  I put the girls to bed and let Sophia wear big girl panties because she went to the restroom right before bed.  This was not a smart decision because when poor Dave woke them up to get them ready for school (I was at the gym), Sophia had wet the bed....good times:)


6 days straight...

This morning I got up and hit the gym...I have worked out 6 days in a row...a  record for me for quite some time.  Last night Dave planned the cutest Friday night at home.  He ordered pizzas from a new place that just opened down the street (Pepperonis).  He decided we were going to do a beer tasting.  He bought fun craft beers for us to taste.  He bought fun non-alcoholic drinks for the girls to have their own tasting.  They had a blast.  We watched the movie with Steve Martin and his 12 kids...This morning Christa and Brad stopped by to drop their dogs off.  We are watching them while they go to a Halloween Party in the Woodlands.  Danny and Ashlee came over and we are watching the Longhorns play.  They weather is AWESOME!!!!! We had a cold front come through and it really feels like it is almost November.  Rich and Karen are coming in for a quick trip.  They haven't seen the girls in a while:)  My plan is to relax and try and get in some of my graduate work here and there:) Life is great!


Who Dat and the Sunbelt..

Today was interesting...I'm not going to lie...My morning work out sucked!!! It was so hard...I even jokingly accused my trainer of giving me an extra rep (he said 15 twice)...it is funny because if he loses count and I ask him how many more he says 2...I joked and said "I'm a teacher, I know what you are doing"...anyway, hard work out...School was good.  This week is red ribbon week, say no to drugs. We have themes every day where we can wear jeans if we dress up.  Today was jersey day.  Of course I wore my Saints Jersey.  I love wearing my jersey but feel like a boy when I wear it.  After school when I was running errands people just looked at me strange...

Couple of funny stories....I was about to give my 3rd period students a quiz.  One boy asked "Mrs. Wilcox, will you give us a bonus point for every game the Saints have lost this season?"  haha..

7th period "Mrs. Wilcox, what college did you attend?" Me, "ULL Rajun Cajuns"...another kid, "I watched their football game, they were playing Arkansas".  Another kid asked what conference they were in. Me "Sunbelt"...Another kid "Mrs. Wilcox, I had a nightmare that Baylor was forced to join the Sunbelt Conference"...Me "watch it"...

After school I picked the girls up and took them to Hobby Lobby and Heb...they were hams at Hobby Lobby...they told the check out girl our life story...too cute...They picked out pumpkins at HEB...

I AM SO GLAD TOMORROW is FRIDAY!!! Cold front is coming through!!!

I love broccoli...

Yesterday was great.  Busy day at school and work.  Dave met me at home and we did a quick cardio workout together before he picked the girls up from school.  I feel really guilty when we pick them up at 6.  12 hours in daycare is way too long!  He picked subway up for us and I made chicken strips and broccoli for the girls.  They both asked for seconds!!! I ended up going to bed early because I had a 5 am workout with my trainer.  I have done so well this week so far.  The pounds are not flying off of me, but I am definitely stronger and more toned. Life is good!

On a different note, I am so ready for this presidential election to be over (Obama vs. Romney).  Dave early voted, but I am still undecided.  Truth be told I really don't even want to vote this year.  I am not crazy about either candidate.  I know I need to vote, but if you don't like either candidate....I will pray about it:)



Interesting day...this weekend was great.  Sunday we attempted to make it to church.  My fault, I got the time wrong. We showed up at 10:45 for the 11 AM mass...but it wasn't until 11:30.  I got aggravated that they charge 5.00 per kid in the daycare...who charges at church.  Sunday evening we headed over to our friends house for chili...it was good!!!! Monday I hit it hard at the gym...I told my trainer I was disappointed I had not lost weight....I get why I haven't...I haven't been great about eating and drinking...but now I am committed...especially since he is costing a pretty penny:)  He came up with a formal training program and a food guide.  So far it is 2 days and I have done awesome!!!


October weekend...

Great weekend...Friday evening we took Isabella and Sophia to the YMCA festival.  They dressed in their Halloween costumes and we met up with some friends.  Saturday we took Molly to my school for the Senior dog washing fundraiser.  We had a blast.  Ashlee and Danny came over for a few hours.  This evening we decided to take it easy and watch the UT vs Baylor game.  Dave was out of town last weekend and then had to go to Dallas Wed-Friday for a conference...we are all super tired.  Tomorrow we are going to our friends house for dinner.  Life is great.  I had a ton of graduate school work due this weekend.  I have 99% of it completed.  I spent a few hours grading papers...I can't wait until I can just enjoy family time without school work hanging over my head!!!


Full Circle...the Kindness Chain...

Today came full circle.  It all started last week when I received the nicest email from a parent saying how much her child enjoyed my class...It made my day...I decided that every day I would take a few minutes to email a few parents to say how much I enjoyed having their child in my class...That is easy...at Stratford my students are so wonderful.  They treat me with respect, pay attention, and really enjoy the classroom.  When I see them in the hall they always smile and say hi.  I have always taught nice kids, but at Stratford it is different.  I can't pin point it.  Anyway, so I start emailing parents nice things.  Yesterday one of the parents forwarded my email to my principal (my new boss)...he sent me a nice email this morning.  From the parents response it dawned on me that in his Principal's message to the parents he mentioned how nice it would be to email a teacher about the great job they were doing...I did not realize this, had a parent do this, and then I payed it forward....All of this was free....I felt good, the parents felt good...And, I really meant every word I was writing.  I really like my students.  I struggled trying to figure out AP Macroeconomics and now that I really understand it, I am excited about it and want to present the information to the students in a way that is not so intimidating...

Isabella went to Dewberry Farms on a field trip today...She had a blast...especially the hayride.  Sophia wanted to go, but was ok with the fact that she would have to wait until she go bigger.  I feel bad because Isabella is at an age where she is getting invited to lots of birthday parties and gets to go on field trips.  Sophia is so close to all the same exciting things happening.

On the potty training front.  Sophia wore big girl panties all day...I was so proud of her.  Tonight she came and said "mommy change my poo poo"..she snuck and put a pull up on so she could poo poo...the problem was that she did not take her panties off first!!! Oh well...we will get this!!!!