patio dinner dining....

Wednesday...where should I start...I went running 3 miles after work yesterday...I was soooo tired today. As I was driving home I called Dave to talk..he asked if I was going to run....I told him I was "thinking" about it...he was like "oh, you should", you are training for the race....so i said I would text either way to let him know if he needed to get the girls
...I voiced texted him half way home saying "going running"...as I pulled in the drive way, I changed my mind....I DID NOT want to go...so, I was going to text him I changed my mind, when I saw he had texted me "I'm so proud of you"....so of course I had to go....I put on my running clothes, ran about 1/4 of a mile and then walked the rest of the 3 miles....I was sooo tired....better than nothing:) Friday we are going to Austin and taking my nephew Morgan and his friend Sam to UT Explorer day....we are all super excited...Dave's parents have been very hospitable... Ticket system update...Isabella lost 2 tickets...1 for lying and 1 for telling Sophia to chew up her steak and spit it out so she could then put it in her mouth...that is why Sophia also lost a ticket....they are too cute and funny....LOVE THEM!!! Oh, and we basically have 1 week until spring break....we are deciding to go family and cheap....camping and then staying with my family and Brad's family....should be fun!!!!!! Life is great! One more thing....we used our outdoor patio tonight...grilled steak, drank wine, and picked up dog poop....it was awesome...the girls just ran around in the yard....they love being outside...we are saving our money for a nice play ground....they would love that and use it almost every day...plus when we have another baby it will keep being good....Life is good, we are blessed!

Eco Fair!!!

Yesterday was the semester Eco Fair...I have to say it was the best...Usually we have the kids set up their stores in the cafateia and then sit and wait about an hour for us to grade the projects...This semester I decided that they would set up and then spend an hour in the main auditorium to watch Shark Tank...most of the kids (and chaperone teachers) have never s
een it....They LOVED it!!!!! Bascially it is on ABC Friday nights...5 self made millionaires listen to people's proposals for investments....they said every kid was soooo good!!!! They then came back to the cafateria and started selling and buying....They love this day....


Interview...with Isabella and Sophia...

What is your favorite animal? Isabella, "a pink snake"...Sophia" Elmo" What is your favorite food? Isabella" goldfish"..Sophia "ignores me"... How old are you? Isabella "3"...Sophia" two" What is your favorite color? Isabella "pink and purple" Sophia "mommy" What is your favorite movie? Isabella "my favorite movie is Tinker Bell...we haven't watched it for a
while"... Sophia "mine" What is your favorite drink? Isabella "chocolate milk and a shake and orange juice" Sophia "milk" Ok...so the interview is short...Sophia loves playing with the money bank...Isabella LOVES the workbooks with mommy and daddy...life is good....tomorrow is the Eco Fair....


Very nice weekend...

We were glad to have a nice relaxing weekend....My mom ended up staying until Sat morning because she was still sewing curtains. Saturday we met Christa, Brad, and Allison and Abby at Pot Belly for lunch in Cinco. That is a great resturant...They always have live music and a kids place in the back. They were in Katy looking at a model home. They have decided to bu
ild and are super excited. I love the big, beautiful house plan the picked. It is awesome....I believe over 4000 sq ft...crazy big...I told Dave, don't worry, we don't have to keep up with them...I still love our house. It is the perfect size for us. And with the new patio and beautiful decorating, it is even more perfect. Saturday we just chilleod out at the house. Sunday did the same thing. This week should be pretty busy...I have the Eco-Fair on Tuesday and have lots to get together...plus I am starting to get back in my work out mode...I took about a month off so Dave could work out in the morning and i could just take a break...we are now switching off mornings....we shall see:) Life is good....we are blessed!!!

Tickets and learning....

Isabella completely understands the ticket system...I took one away from her this morning and she FREAKED OUT!!!!!! She kept begging for it back...Sophia doesn't seem to really get it yet...While we were picking up prizes for the "goodie bag", I piced up a couple of workbooks geared for ages 3-5...Isabella and I have been working with one and she loves it. Diffe
rent pages with different tasks...like, which one does not belong, or find 10 hats...she loves it. I tried another book with Sophia and she was a wiggle worm.


Reward system...

We desperately needed one in our house...something a 2 and 3 year old could understand...So here is the system we set up...We went to office max and bought a Week dry erase board...so the girls have an idea of time...they each have a magnet they move every day that keeps track of how many tickets they have. At the start of the week they receive 10 tickets...they m
ay gain more for being good or lose them for being bad...so far Isabella seems to understand the concept...at the end of the week they can use their tickets to turn in for prizes (cheap things we bought at Target)...Dave says we are like Showbiz Pizza...anyway, we made a big deal explaining the process....we will see how this works!!! We also bought them each a dry erase board that they love!!! I have also included a picture of Isabella trying on her outfit for her May dance recital...the teacher says, don't cut hair, they need to have buns....


more picts

hardest worker I know

My mom....I love her...she stayed until this morning still working, sewing, trying to get our house decorated...she says she needs one more week....she is awesome!



Memorable moments...

Lance trying to order a steak and eggs at the airport. Tara and I as "nervous flyers" Renting the Mac Daddy Expedition.... Lance taping and skiing.....funny moments... Lance posting on facebook....over and over...:) Lots of facetime with family. Good food, drinks, and fun!!! Lance skiing in camo, LSU shirt, and clark griswald hat!!!...next to h
is sexy wife in hot pink ski pants! Christa and Tara sliding down a blue slope... The Russian making me drink tea trying to cure my non- hangover... Thw 4th couple doing the grocery shopping...buying milk from the cows tit...ukk.... Christa and the cab driver....can we say "mom" or "grandma" The Russian lady taking over 2 hrs and all the hot water to get ready...really!!! Russian lady telling Christa all men cheat....Christa disagreed. Russian lady telling Dave Christa was flirting with her 50 year old boyfriend...NOT!! Brad seeing Russian lady in her panties...can we say, don't leave your room indecent when there are other people The guys getting peevedd because Sundance was not a city, but a resort.... Some male (not Dave, Brad, or Lance) eating homemade chicken sandwhiches in the open at a resturant and keeping a half bourbon micky on the table...where the manager unhappily told him to put it away!!! Playing Chicken Feat... Watching Cell Block 6...all day long... Just plain having a GREAT TIME with good friends!!!!


It all started about a year and a half ago, maybe 2 years...I posted on facebook something about cinco ranch (neighborhood where we live)...a childhood friend Tara recognized it and long story short, she, Christa and I reconnected after about 15 years....and picked up like we were in grade school....we are all so lucky...all 3 of us have wonderful husbands with hil
arious personalities that treat us like queens...we all have beautiful, healthy children, jobs, and just good lives we appreciate...so now we hang out alot and have a blast...we decided to all go on a ski trip to Park City Utah over President's Day weekend. Half of the fun was planning it, and talking about it...and just looking forward...Brad ended up inviting a co-worker and his Russian girlfriend (that is another story in itself)...we had a blast....we travelled so well together. The first day we took it easy and found a fun brewary resturant. Christa and Tara found us a 4 story condo that was in the center of town, ski in/ski out for 150 a couple per day...sooo cheap. We had a blast. Day 2-- Brad and I spent the morning at ski school while the rest hit the slopes...the first thing Brad told the instructor and other 3 people was "hi, my name is Brad and this is Corrin who is not my wife"...it was pretty funny...I was glad later because he was terrible...but then he ended up kicking my butt....we all met for lunch/beers at a lodge...Christa and Tara walked in with the craziest faces....they were traumatized...apparently they went down a blue slope with Dave and Lance...Lance videoed the whole thing...Later that night we went and had a nice dinner at a French resturant...apparently it is a state law that you can bring in wine to any resturant and they charge a corkage fee...some larger than others...I guess because the state owns all the wine/liquor stores. I had 2 glasses of wine and went to bed pretty early. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling so sick...my stomach did not feel well...in the morning I realized I had the 24 hour stomach flu....I was disappointed I missed a day of skiing, but literally could not leave the condo...I just kept throwing up. The Russian girl kept saying I had a hangover...which aggraviated me because I didn't...I literally had a bug. I watched Cell Block 6 all day long and then couldn't even eat steaks the guys made for dinner. The good news was that the next day I was good to go...We all went skiing and I fell a million times...The girls decided to go back to the condo...we finally find a cab (it is illegal to flag down a cab in Utah)...we ask, "how much to go to our condo a few miles away"...he says "get in"...we get in...and ask again...he answers "15.00"...Christa flips out..."we paid 10.00 yesterday"..he says, "well today is not yesterday"...Christa then says "girls, lets get out...this is a rip off, he is trying to cheat us"...Tara and I looked at her like she was CRAZY...we waited for 10 minutes in the freezing cold and didn't care the cost....we weren't getting out....so we had a few awkard moments of a cab drive....I was aggravitated at the Russian girls because she kept saying that I had a hang over....I didn't...I had the flu....anyway, we went to a nice dinner where the Russian girl said some crazy things....Monday we had a later flight (4:30) so we told the guys to drive us to Sundance...we thought it was a town...the drive was BEAUTIFUL!!!! we finally make it to learn it is not a city with cute shops....just a lodge...we had fun...the guys drank "pologmy porter"....we finally made it home....,what an awesome trip...we definitely plan to travel together again!!!

My heros.....my mother and mother in law...

1st why my mother in law is my hero...she agreed many months ago to watch Sophia and Isabella for a few days so that we could go on an adult ski trip to Park City, Utah...what she did not sign up for was, my mom redecorating our house, a patio being installed, 3 dogs pooping and peeing everywhere, and the my sister and niece and nephew coming in for a night....craz
y...but she was very good about it.. Dave and I were worried because our moms are both wonderful people, but with different personalitites....not in a bad way at all...my mom really enjoyed the time...I hope my mother in law enjoyed her time as well. Why my mom is my hero...first because she is my mom and I love her forever...but she has been working her butt off trying to come up with decorating ideas for our house. We moved into a beautiful pretty new home 3 years ago...it was like a blank canvas...my mom sewed lots and lots of drapes, picked out acessories, bedding, did flower arraganging, rearragned the living room...we love it.....Dave loves it... And to top it off, within a couple of days and by the time we returned, we had a new patio...we had about 400 sq ft of pavers put in and 2 sides of our yard landscaped with trees and bushes...We bought patio furniture and a gazebo and have been in heaven ever sincee..picture of everything to come soon!!!

cutie pies

I missed my cutie pies!!!! Isabella and Sophia get cuter every day...Today in the bath tub Sophia was playing with a puzzle and found a match...she said, "look mom, a match", and was holding up 2 identical fish. She is my little jokester. Always joking around. Isabella is getting so big and even more mature...I love these girls. Today was back to the grind af
ter a FABOLOUS ski vacation with wonderful friends. After work my mom and I met Christa's family to look at houses...looks like they will be building in a fancey community in Cy Fair...


The Countdown begins...

Wow, we are so truly blessed....God is so good....especially to our framily. Friday Dave and I met after work to pick out ouur pavers for the patio. We then met friends out at a resturant. Saturday Paige and Will came over to spend the night. (Christa and Brad had a few events). Dave took William to run errands and I took Paige to Katy Mills mall. I picked up a c
ouple of last minute things for our trip. I can't believe we are leaving to Park City Thursday morning. I spent all weekend trying to organize things to make it easier for our moms. Saturday we were at Target and purchased outdoor furniture...it was on sale and it was exactly what we were looking for. A rectangular table, 4 chairs and then a wicker loveseat, chair, side table and coffee table...Saturday night our friends Brandon and Melissa came over with their 10 year old and baby for hamburgers. We had a great time. Sunday was a lazy day cleaning, resting, cleaning, resting. Sophia can count from 1 to 3. She keeps finding markers and drawing all over her body. Poor thing bit her lip. Both girls are so excited about their grandmas coming:)


Life is good...

Life is good...even when teenagers turn on you...Christa had a kid tell her to shut up...I had one walk out on me today. Just a normal day teaching high school seniors.....ever day is INTERESTING!!!! Christa and I are just doing the best we can. Today was good...got lots of stuff done. Christa had a girl tell her to shut up. I saw a girl hit a boy hard...I told her she can't do that...she got mad and stormed out....so is the life in my life....I can't even imagine little Isabella or Sophia treating a teacher like that....


Stiff neck...

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck...haven't had one of those in a long time. Dave has been waking up every morning, working out, I get the girls and myself ready just as he is coming home to take a shower and drop the girls off at school. This morning he was super late..6:30...I called to see where he was...his reply "Corrin, remember I told you I had to go
to the terminal". He was on his way to Louisiana. I ran out of the house, dropped the girls off, and prayed I would not be late...(I made it about 2 minutes late)..Today was so nice...4 of my classes were testing...which means lots of lesson plans prepared and papers graded. Dave picked the girls up so I could get my hair done...My friend Tara recommended a new girl to me...she was half the price I usually pay...and I was very happy.... Tomorrow should be calm, Thursday the patio guy comes out, Friday we are having dinner with friends, watching Paige and Will on Saturday, and them the moms come in Wed....and we leave at the crack of dawn Thursday to go to Utah!!!!