So much fun!

Lots of fun stuff going on in our house.

Dave and the girls braved the cold and went swimming for the first time.

Isabella's cheer squad had some extra funds left over so we planned a mother daughter nail salon outing. I didn't want to leave Sophia out so I took her a few hours before.

Christa and I went to a blogging conference called Snap in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun.

Saturday my parents came into town. I can't believe I didn't take any picts!

Sunday our neighborhood had a crawfish boil.


Monday Isabella had a program at school.


Half way through April!

We are half way through April and life is great! We are staying busy and just appreciating our friends and family. We got our blue bonnet pictures a few days ago.

Sunday we went to Rockwell Grill to try some 11 Below Beer. Our friends just opened a new beer brewery and Cypress and they have it on tap at this restaurant. Unfortunately they were out, but the food was sooo good!


Monday Christa and I drove with the kids to Lake McQueeny to help my friend Melissa decorate her lake house.

Tuesday I was in charge of organizing the Towne Lake 2015 Kindergarten play date. We had it at McDonalds and the kids did a craft. I ordered cookie and apples and the kids decorated little notebooks. It was a lot of fun!


Wednesday I had a girls night with some of my friends and Thursday we had a Towne Lake brunch. 

Friday I took all 3 girls to the dentist.

Saturday our section in our neighborhood had a crawfish boil. 


Christa and Brad stayed for a little while and then took all the kids back to their house so Dave and I could stay longer.