Busy April

Monday I had all 4 girls in the morning and then we met up at the park for a play date.

Tuesday the girls had school and Christa and I went to a baby shower "sprinkle" lunch for one of our sweet friends. It was at a super neat lunch place in Cypress called the Bake Shop.

My car's transmission was fixed and I was able to pick up my car. 

Wednesday the girls looked super cute and my friend Amy took Sophia to the Towne Lake Mommy's Group fire station field trip. Sophia had a blast!

Thursday was busy!

I've lost a few pounds, but I have miles to go!

Friday evening we went to a birthday party.

Saturday we took it easy and took the kids to see the movie Home. It was super cute and both the older girls cried. Finley took her clothes off and spend a lot of time trying to put her shorts back on all "by herself".

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Finley's expressions crack me up!!