Last day of school!!!! Yea, family time!!!

Last day of school....actually it is the last day of me working at Spring Woods High School. Next fall I start my dream teaching job teaching AP Macro and AP Government at Stratford high. The Enclave's battery keeps dying so Dave asked me to get a new one. I was soooo tired so I stopped at the auto place by our house....Big Mistake...they charged me 300.00. Dave
was so mad when he found out that after work he went and demanded some of our money back. We then enjoyed our patio and the girls, Dave, and I played croquet in the backyard. Sophia got mad and fell to the ground....just another day in the Wilcox house...oh, good news...my blog is getting a new look soon....hopefully by the end of the week!!!

Dentist's Office

Tuesday was the girls' second dentist appointment. We use a very kid friendly practice. They basically have their own language for all of the things they use and ask the kids to do.

Isabella got her teeth X-rayed and it looks like she'll need braces... Well, at least we have a decade to save up... Advance warning is good.


It's Done!

It threatened to defeat us. We overcame it... The girls are playing on it now. Victory.





Cutie pies...

Christa is mom....

they are both addicted to the Goodwill Select...today my mom bought me a king bed and mattress....Christa bought a purple couch for their media room....Dave is lucky I have no style....no style= less money spent!!!

Molly...you are in TROUBLE!!!

We have an electronic doggy door (thanks to Brad)...the collar broke so she has had to depend on us to let her out. I ordered a new one a couple of days ago and it came in...fast....10 minutes later she broke it....UH!!!! not good...we still love her...

The Amazing Swing Set!!!!

First, I would like to thank my wonderful husband, both brother in laws, sister, sister in law, and in-laws. Without all of these wonderful people, the girls would not have the coolest equipment in our backyard. The swingset is AWESOmE!!!! It is 3 stories and has a picnic table, slide, climbing wall, etc.


Best thing about being a teacher...you see an end:)

School is almost over. We have graduated our seniors. We are cleaning out rooms and helping where help needs be. Life is great. We are blessed. Christa and I ran to Sushi Pop for lunch. Cheap and good....I have misplaced my phone. Hopefully I will find it when I get home:)

Proud Uncle Brad's Picture

Brad sent this picture of Isabella:)


Texas Mesquite

I love my sister in law Ashlee....and her family...they are wonderful. Yesterday Danny and Dave continued to work their buts putting the swing set together. I came in to clean and then put the girls down for a nap. Ashlee went birthday shopping with mom and sister. Next thing I knew, Dave was waking me up saying Ashlee, Stacey, and Melissa (Ashlee's mom) was on
their way to pick me up. We were going to have crawfish while the guys chilled, watched movies and stayed with the kids. We ended up going to a place called Texas Mesquite. The funny story behind this is that Dave and I are always on the hunt for a fun, family friendly, good patio place. The other night I was catching up on some of my shows when I saw a commercial for this place...it looked perfect putting green, beer, patio. I rewound the commercial and made him watch it. So when we went their last night, it was so much fun. Stacie is a teacher and peresonal trainer...she looks AMAZING and has agreed to train a group of us if I can round pepole up...Life is good...Dave is finishing the swing set while I am cleaning, doing laundry, and taking a second to blog.


swing set

ballet...swing set:)

Isabella...the ballarina:)

Isabella spent all year working on her ballet performances. This weekend was the recital. I can't wait for Sophia to be old enough...She REALLY has expressed an intereste.


Senior Picnic...

The end of the era has come...Christa and I's last a lot of Spring Woods things. Friday was the senior picnic. We have been the Senior Women sponsors for the last few years. Our organization had over 300 dollars left in the account so we decided to go to Academy Friday morning a buy a ton of fun picnic games for them to play and then pass to the following cla
sses...Volleyball, nerf ball, kick ball, crochet...It was a blast. The kids were awesome. Funny story to put me in my place. There was a girl who seemed to have an attitude from day one...She just didn't like me. I got over it and we kind of made a truce. At the picnic I was signing her in and I said, "___ you didn't like me at the beginning of the semester did you? ____no....me "did you change your mind towards the end"... ______ "no"....haha...at least she was honest....all is good:)


9 pm...

There is a big difference between 3 am and 9 pm...I am still tired from Sophia waking me up every few minutes last night. Today was good. The seniors came in their cap and gowns. I then went to a meeting until almost 7pm. Dave had dinner ready and the girls were in good spirits. We went upstairs to play and then put the girls to bed. I am waiting for Dave to co
me downstairs so we can watch a few youtube videos of how to assemble our monster swingset.