The Girls

I can't believe I have taken 2 months off from the family blog!!! The summer is over and the girls are back in school!

- Turned 7 on August 7th!
- Loves 2nd grade!
- Is in the Gifted and Talented Program this year.  She is so excited!!! She loves school and she loves homework.
- Is my conservative dresser.  She won't wear anything too flashy.
- Hates wearing bows and mainly wants to wear ponytails every day.
- Is a GREAT swimmer!
- Is an early bird, often the first person awake.  She is like her mom, in a good mood in the morning!
- Loves reading, drawing, signing, and art.
- Wants to be a singer or teacher when she grows up.
- Loves her little sisters and only fights with them a little.
- Has such a kind heart.
- Is very respectful and generally a happy person.
- Not a super great eater.... Just ok.  Would be the pickiest eater out of the three girls.
- Is very responsible and mature for her age.
- Loves Taylor Swift and making creative movies.
- Is really good a doing chores- unloading dishwasher, sorting clothes.
- Has lost 3 teeth so far.

- Is 5 1/2 years old.
- Is SO EXCITED to finally be in Kindergarten and to be able to ride the big yellow school bus with her big sister.
- Has a very kind heart.
- Is very funny and beats to her own drum.
- I call her "my little actress".
- Is very petite (wears a size 3, 4 in clothes)
- Loves going upstairs to play for hours and hours....often on her own.
- Loves insects, frogs, butterflies, etc.
- Hates wearing bows.
- Knows a few sight words, but really loves learning.
- Dresses herself in crazy outfits.
- Is an adventurous eater- will try everything!
- Loves salads.
- Is a night owl like her dad.
- Really has come a long way with swimming.  She doesn't need a puddle jumper anymore...even though she tries to sneak and put one on.
- Loves taking care of her fish.
- Good at doing chores- dumping garbage, unloading dishwasher, etc.
- Loves to draw, make arts and crafts, and paint.

- Turned 2 on August 12th.
- Has started smiling a little more.
- Is still my "serious" child.
- Loves her BFF Charlotte.
- Speaks in sentences.
- Is a good swimmer!!! She can't be left alone (of course none of them can), but she did so well in survival swim this summer.
- Is not a morning person and not a night owl.  She is somewhere in the middle.
- She is still sleeping in her crib, but she is ready for a big girl bed.
- She has pooped on the potty once.
- She will go to Mother's Day Out 3 days a week this year.
- She is a pretty good eater.
- She is OBSESSED with Chocolate Milk.
- Her personality is more alike Sophia's compared to Isabella.
- She gets along well with other children.
- She still takes her shoes off a lot.
- She has started wanting to pick out her own clothes.
- She loves taking a bath or shower.
- She is very sweet and loving.