Today was an uneventful Sunday...Dave and I have been looking forward to a new restaurant opening in Katy (Katy Cajun).  They had their grand opening last night....the menu looks GOOD!  We went for lunch today, but they were not open until 5 pm...they will open in the future for lunch, but they are just trying to get situated.  Before we left for lunch, I checked the mail and we had a newsletter thing that had a buy one get one free coupon at one of my favorite Katy restaurants...Texas Mesquite...I always forgot about it though!  So, we went there for lunch. I love it a lot.  The service is wonderful, atmosphere great, and food terrific! 

We came home and I spent the rest of the day working on my last assignment for my career counseling. 

Super Saturday

Yesterday was so much fun.  It started out with me cooking a healthy breakfast.  My co-workers told me how to make the easiest omelet.  You get a Ziploc bag- freezer size so that it is strong, and add 2 eggs and all your omelet ingredients.  Boil water, get most or all of the air out of the bag...when the water boils, place the bag in the water for 10 minutes.  It worked!

We then went and worked out before we met some high school friends.  Jimmy went to school with Tara, Christa, and I.  We met at Clay's for his daughter's 2nd birthday.  Later Danny and Ashlee came over to watch the game and had a great time as usual.  Longhorns won! (poor Brad's team lost...Baylor played West Virginia...score 70-63)...crazy!

Today we are taking it easy. I have one more paper to write and then I am finished with my career counseling class.  I am looking foward to having this week off. Life is good!!!



This has been a very long week.  Last night we decided to go have happy hour sushi with the girls.  They were super cute.  We are excited that La Centerra (the shopping centera few miles from our house) is expanding.  They are building an amphitheater.  I would love a place where we can eat and listen to live music.  This morning I took the girls for breakfast at McDonalds.  The girls school was having a mommy and daughter fashion show.  I couldn't make it because I have to work..which made be a tad sad last night.  I am grateful to have a job that I really like.  But, life is so short, sometimes you miss out on things with your kids.  Anyway, just grateful it is Friday!!!!! I have one last paper for my career counseling class.  Hopefully it won't take me long!

more silly girls

Silly girls


no pain, no gain:)

Man, I am feeling the workout...it was hard to walk up stairs today.  I go back in the AM:) Today was great.  I left work and picked the girls up from school.  Someone at worked emailed us a list of healthy foods.  Scallops was on the list, so I decided I wanted to make them for dinner.  This is my second time trying and I was as unsuccessful the second time as the first.  I think I will let professionals cook them for me from now on. 


I'm not so tired...

Today was AWESOME!!!! I was sooo excited about my first hour session with my personal trainer...he worked me soooo hard...I loved it!!! I get lazy by myself at the gym...especially if I have been on my feet all day teaching...I will go for a while and get on the treadmill.  Today, I hit the cardio hard for 10 minutes and the rest of the time my trainer had me doing me so much.  I told him I was happy to use some of the free weights that I am normally intimidated about...and other intimidating machines...It was such a great work out!!

The girls were super cute as usual! Sophia dressed in a robe with a hula skirt.  Isabella built me a garden of legos...they are awesome...and so is my husband...I am blessed!



I am sooo tired...today was great.  I am super excited because I found a personal trainer and I start tomorrow!  I worked out for a little while today and then picked the girls up.  I made chicken in the crock pot.  It was good:)  I have a ton of school work to do, but I am tired...ok, enough complaining.   Life is good:)



The other day I was straightening my hair and using a curling iron and chi...Isabella wanted me to curl her hair because her friends had curly hair.  I tried, but the curl wouldn't hold.  Today when we were at HeB I found old school rollers my mom used to put in Christa and my hair.  I remember the night before the first day of school, mom would always roll our hair...We had "new clothes" ready and wanted to look the part...I am not going to lie...I am not sure how good or bad the girls hair will look, but they were super excited. 

We had company all weekend...busy, but fun..they left this morning...then Dave and I went to have lunch and grocery shopping (hence the hair rollers)...we came home, girls took naps, and I worked on graduate work.  life is good....I have decided to hire a personal trainer...I am super excited...for dinner I cooked a t-bone steak and salad...Molly was excited to have the Bone...life is good!!


Show and Tell

Friday was show and tell at the girls' school.  Sophia decided to bring a purse.  Isabella's class has been studying food, tastes, etc.  When I picked her up Thursday she was cutting out food from an advertisement that she would like to eat.  I asked if she wanted to bring a cook book for show and tell.  She was super excited.  We even baked carrot cupcakes for her to bring because the cook book was a baking cookbook.

Friday evening my parents came into town.  They bought a stove top and needed to pick it up. 

When a 4 year old gets control of your phone...

Lupe Tortilla

Our cleaning lady came Wednesday and I was not finished by the time we got off of work.  We decided to go to Lupe Tortilla and let the girls play in the sandbox.  Ashlee and Danny met us.


Jury Duty...

I am probably the only person who was excited about Jury Duty...don't get me wrong...jury duty in the summer, not so exciting, jury duty in the fall...like it!!! I showed up (with 400 others) and was excited to review the process.  It has been a very long time since I was summoned..everyone wondered why I did not postpone or use the "I have 2 toddlers"...I wanted to go to jury duty....

Funny jury duty story...As I was walking into the courthouse I saw a guy with a Long Horn tattoo on his face...really, his face...on his cheek...and one on his wrist...he looked rough..I am pretty sure he was just a fan and never attended UT, but wow, putting that on your face is crazy!!!!  Like putting a tear drop..ok, the tear drop is worse, that means you killed someone.  My husband should be proud that I know what a tear drop on a face means, and one pant leg rolled up means something, and tennis shoes on a phone line means something....

Long story short, I didn't get picked..they randomly chose 80 people and then the rest of us got released around 11:30..I used my time wisely by heading home and using the rest of the day to work on graduate work and lesson plans.  Dave has a training so he got home early.  He took me for a quick date to a Mexican restaurant by our house.  I was impressed they had mini hall trees by the tables for people's purses. 

Life is good....God is Great!!!! We are blessed!!!!



Isabella had her first homework assignment...she was super excited about it....I will show this post to her when she is older and complaining.  Little Sophia wanted homework too so we told her her homework was to practice drawing circles.  These two little girls are the sweetest, most precious beings...and we are truly grateful. 

Today was bittersweet...my sweet, dear husband went with me for my 3 week post opp appointment.  I love this man SOOOO much.  He really did not have to go with me....it was a super pain for him to leave downtown Houston and just be there with me...but he got that it would be a hard appointment....He said, "I know I don't have to go, but I want to...we are in this together"....the doctor was great...he reminded me that every pregnancy has the same chance....we can start trying again in a couple of months...I am very impatient, but will follow doctors orders because he is one of the best doctors in Houston and he knows what he is talking about. The next time around we will be very low key...I envision telling everyone I am pregnant when I am huge...haha...I know that is not going to happen because keeping it secret for a long time will kill me....

I just keep praying a lot lately...Praying to God that I continue to be grateful for the blessings I have in my life....There are a lot of people I know lately who need prayers that are so much more important...life and death situations.  God is Great....we are Blessed:)

Tomorrow I have jury duty...everyone keeps asking why I didn't reschedule...I actually want to go..It is in Katy and I am teaching government for the first time in many years...this is cheesy, but I want to experience the process:)




Sophia Elise

Sophia Elise is 33 months...
- she is still little with a BIG personality
- loves eggs, pop tarts, and donuts for breakfast
- loves cantaloupe
- still working on potty training....will poop and then "mommy, please change me"  and then bring me a pull up and wipes
- favorite food "pizza"
- favorite dessert "cookies"
- still can't understand everything she says
- needs her daily naps
- clothes still fall off her...we use safety pins
- LOVES playing outside
- is still the class clown
- kind of grouchy in the morning
- loves to pretend to be different people/animals
- wants to be a puppy for Halloween
- is very smart
- loves her big sister...climbs into her bed at night...

- loves her family
- loves to entertain
- little girl, big personality!!!

Isabella Caroline

Isabella Caroline is 4 yrs old (49 months)
- She is 4 going on 14
- She loves to say "whatever"
- her boyfriend is Justin Bieber
- she wants to pick out her own clothes
- is a drama queen
- still loves school
- is so mature....such a sweet, young lady
- takes naps, but if she misses one, she is ok
- favorite food is cookies, apples, and m&ms
- favorite tv show- cartoon network (which Dave says is not age appropriate)
- wants to be a witch for Halloween
- loves her family- immediate and extended
- loves Molly

- wants me to play One Direction and Justin Bieber kid's bop all the time
- for breakfast loves cereal, apples, hashbrowns

Weekend....go Longhorns...

We had a great weekend.  Saturday we woke up and took the girls to have lunch at Black Walnut Cafe.  That place is sooo good.  I then went and did our weekly grocery shopping.  Danny and Ashlee came over to watch the Long Horns win. Today I spent most of the day working on graduate work.  Ashlee is awesome and picked the girls up for a few hours.  She took them to have yogurt and then to Claires to try on stuff... They had so much fun....we are so happy they live in Katy!!! The Texans won and the Saints lost...I have a feeling they are going to not have a great season.

Tomorrow I have a 3 week dr appointment follow up after the miscarriage.  Dave is awesome and is going with me.  He really doesn't have to go, but I appreciate him going.  Tuesday I have jury duty.  I am hoping I can bring my laptop and get lots of graduate work completed.  Life is good...we are blessed...