April 29th and 30th

Both days were eventful. Very eventful.

On the 29th, Danny and Ashlee welcomed Kate into the world, my parents came into town, Corrin sponsored Paige for her Confirmation, Corrin's mom came into town, Corrin dropped off and picked up the girls, my dry cleaning, worked out, and we went out to dinner. Dinner in Cypress.

Photo of Kate

Photo of Corrin and Paige at the Confirmation (the photo is from the cheap seats).

On the 30th, Corrin and Christa had their birthday, Corrin dropped off and picked up the girls, Corrin worked out, Corrin took the girls to meet Kate, my folks left town, I realized I'd left my car keys at the office when the bus had already taken me halfway home, Corrin picked me up from the park-and-ride, we went to dinner at a place called Drix (which had a great kids area), we left Drix after we'd had a drink and the kids had eaten (we were the only patrons and wanted more atmosphere), we then went to Christa and Brad's. In Cypress.

Happy birthday honey!

Hopefully Corrin has some photos from tonight. I forgot to take any.



I got soo much accomplished!!!

Finley took several baths and had several melt downs..the good news is she also had her first push pop as we were walking in the heat to pick up Isabella:)

I am making chicken rolls for my freezer meal club! It has crab in it:)


Circus - Part 1.

The entiterty of my last post was just wiped out so this will be more brief.

We went to the circus today with some of Corrin's co-workers from her internship at Isabella's school. The also happen to have kids In Sophia's PreK class.

I've never been clear on exactly what the Shriner's do but the seem to have a circus. It was a lot of fun, very old school. It reminded me of the ones we used to go to as kids. More "rodeo" in style as opposed to a Vegas act.

Corrin took the girls to ride on an elephant and some of the acts included: lions/tigers, trapeze's, crazy pendulum walkers, motorcycle cage riding, dancers, hula hoopers, and drunk horses. There was also a giant elephant. Which was as far as we got. We left at intermission because we were sleepy. I blame Whataburger.

The RV

Ok....so this is pretty funny and
cool....and crazy.....

My mom's mom (grandma Dolly) passed away months ago around the age of 90.  She has one child (my mom) and 4 grandkids (me, Christa, April, Michelle)...She left April a large sum of money and left Michelle's son a large college fund (there are 12 great grand kids)...Anyway, there were a few hard feelings, but we got over it....long story short....Christa and I (and our husbands) ended up with a MOTORHOME....not just any motorhome, but a GOOD ONE!!!!

It is at my parents house in Louisiana.  It is a 1997, and has about 24,000 miles...the decorating inside needs updating, but it is a HUGE motorhome....

So the twins get the motorhome and  we will pay for insurance/ storage...all family members will have access if they want to take it somewhere...but they have to get it from Houston and bring it back to Houston....

We are sooo excited!!!!! We can take it on road trips, state parks, etc....It expands...We can tailgate...Brad (a Baylor Bear) wants to name is RG 3...Dave (a longhorn) says hell no....

This is going to be a fun adventure!!!!

Built ins

I am so excited about our built ins....We decided to stay in our house and just make improvements...So far they are turning out AWESOME!!!! The one in the living room will be stained dark. Life is good!!! We are blessed



Our friends invited us to a circus.  It was a "regional one" and really good.  The kids had a blast.  It was actually put on by the Shriners.  We made it until intermission and then all 3 kids (and parents) were done....so tired.... We all had a blast!!!!

Cinco Ranch/ La Centerra/ Frozen


I am soo grateful we live in such a wonderful community.  We live in a master planned community that has so many amenities.  I always wanted to live near a town center with restaurants and a green space. I got reconnected with a child hood friend after mentioning La Centera.  Tara's husband's company helped build phase one...The problems was that when phase 2 went to start, the real estate market crashed....

But, now it is back and is awesome!!!!   We have a beautiful Texas park in the middle of our shopping town center.  They usually have live music on Friday nights and a movie on Saturday night.  I knew the girls would want to go see Frozen!  We actually put our blanket next to one of my friends!!!!

I love our community....It has water parks, a beach club, lots of hiking and biking trails...just first class...and for that I am grateful!!!! My kids are so lucky!!!! We don't take it for granted:)

We usually wait for a table at the Italian restaurant next to the green space and let the girls run around....this night we decided to set up shop with our blanket and girls...Dave went to Grimaldis and brought us back a delicious pizza to eat while we watched the movie....