Play Date/ fun with the cousins

Saturday we arranged a play date with our neighbors.  They have a first grader and three year old.  It was a lot of fun. They dropped them off, the girls played and did arts and crafts.  Dave ran and picked up Chick Filet for lunch. Their mother has done a million favors for me lately so I was so happy to have the girls over...plus they are sweet girls.

Later that evening we went to Christa and Brad's house to hang out with the cousins.  I promised to bring dessert.  I wanted to try a new bakery by our house....It was just ok...for 3.50 a cupcake, you want great!  They weren't nearly as good as CRAVE and then I found out today the fancy, stuffed filled ones that look beautiful at HEB are 2.88 a piece....yes, I get that is still expensive...but it is all relative:)

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