What a day....just another normal, crazy Wilcox day.

Dropped the girls off at daycare and then headed to my internship.  Poor Finley has not been feeling well, but I HAD to go to school.  I pumped her with baby motrin and crossed my fingers I would not get a call today...I know, I am "that mom"...They were even going to take cute Easter pictures with live bunnies...but they said she cried too much...

Today was good....I learned a lot from my wonderful mentor....lots of testing stuff...she has taught me so much.  She allowed me to work on some of my school work...the good news is that all of my work (huge 300 point assignment, logs) are due Sunday....and then I can just enjoy the rest of my internship and learn....life is good.

Another wonderful aspect of my internship is that I am making friends with really nice ladies....I have lived in Katy for about 4 years, but don't have so many "Katy" friends....it doesn't help having a twin sister and childhood friend close by...the whole "comfort zone"...one of my wonderful friends Coby who introduced me to my mentor is sooo sweet!!! She invited me to her bunko group...I am SOOO excited...Dave keeps saying he wants to do stuff like that...not bunko, but getting together with guys...the problem with guys is that they get lazy...women are born "organizers"...we get it done:)

So, testing went well...my wonderful neighbor let Isabella walk home with her so I could finish sorting tests...I get into my car with a huge pizza (thank you wonderful mentor counselor!!!) and head to pick up Isabella...problem was I had a ton of missed calls from Finley's daycare...I needed to pick her up asap...she had a 101 fever...they even called Christa in Cypress to say, someone needs to pick this poor child up....I ran and got her and Sophia...and then picked up Isabella....

We got home, popped the WONDERFUL pizza in the oven, gave Finley more Motrin... set the girls up with dinner and then Finley and I took a 3 hour nap...problem is that it is now 2:10 AM and I am still awake...I had lots of school work to work on and now I can't sleep...so I am blogging about my busy life...not complaining because I get that #1. We do this to ourselves...#2. We are sooo blessed!!!!

The plan for tomorrow is to take Finley to the doctor, and finish my huge project...this one does not seem so bad...the worst one was when I was 9 months pregnant and the assignment took me 24 hours...that was an accomplishment....I sometimes fantasize about being lazy...but only for a second...then I am grateful that I was raised with work ethic! HA!!!

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