Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary!!!!

Time flies when you are having fun!!!! How cliché is that:)

Dave and I celebrated our April Fools wedding anniversary....For those of you who forgot or did not know us, just know that the day was perfect....perfectly fitting. If it could go wrong it did....but it made for lots of great memories!!!!

We got married at a very cool venue in the Heights called Indian Summer Lodge.  Tables caught on fire, there was a speed trap where Dave, Christa, and many of our wedding guests got speeding tickets.


I told my bridesmaids to buy cute black dresses that made them feel good...April lost hers right before the wedding...my family got lost. The wedding was very late...embarrassingly late (we are not those people). One of my bridesmaids kept giving me tequila shots because I was mortified all of my guests were waiting (I could see them)...needless to say I was not clear headed! The good news is that is was a party...a celebration....SOOO much fun.  We hired a couple of acoustic guitar players and I walked down the aisle to Old 97 "Question"...if you don't know it, I-tunes it...soooo good!

So, 8 years and 3 kids later, we are still blessed.  Dave said be ready at 6.  Sweet Danny and Ashlee agreed to babysit.  The plan was to use a groupon from a nice restaurant in Fulsher.  I was printing it out and noticed it was only valid Thursday-Sunday....REALLY!!!! How crazy is that...so back up plan...Everyone has raved and raved and raved about a small, romantic Italian restaurant in Katy called Da Vinci's. I called real quick and they fit us in....I have to say it was one of my favorite meals of all time...perfect food, service, ambiance, wine...(apparently you can bring your own wine for 12.00 corkage fee)....It is not really appropriate for lots of small children...but it was soooo good! And they insisted on a free "celebratory" anniversary dessert.  It was sooo good!  I ordered filet and gnocchi... sooo good!!!!!

For presents (we both agreed to not do presents since we just spent the last weekend in Charlotte)..but of course we ignored each other...My sweet husband got me an hour message...including tip and everything... I took a different route and bought each one of us a copy of the Five Languages of Love.  We are going to read it together, I bought us journals and sticky notes...We are going to bring back more ROMANCE...not that we are so lacking in that department...but kids and life wears you down....I'm excited. 

Thank you Dave for being such a great guy...husband...dad...person....I could go on and on...such a keeper....how did I ever get so lucky!

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