Cinco Ranch/ La Centerra/ Frozen


I am soo grateful we live in such a wonderful community.  We live in a master planned community that has so many amenities.  I always wanted to live near a town center with restaurants and a green space. I got reconnected with a child hood friend after mentioning La Centera.  Tara's husband's company helped build phase one...The problems was that when phase 2 went to start, the real estate market crashed....

But, now it is back and is awesome!!!!   We have a beautiful Texas park in the middle of our shopping town center.  They usually have live music on Friday nights and a movie on Saturday night.  I knew the girls would want to go see Frozen!  We actually put our blanket next to one of my friends!!!!

I love our community....It has water parks, a beach club, lots of hiking and biking trails...just first class...and for that I am grateful!!!! My kids are so lucky!!!! We don't take it for granted:)

We usually wait for a table at the Italian restaurant next to the green space and let the girls run around....this night we decided to set up shop with our blanket and girls...Dave went to Grimaldis and brought us back a delicious pizza to eat while we watched the movie....

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