Fire Station visit

Today was yet another crazy day...I dropped the girls off at school and then headed to Cypress to drop off my freezer meals....I then realized I forgot 4....good times...I then braved my way to downtown Houston to go to the Girl Scout store to try and find fire station badges for tonight's fieldtrip. 

They didn't have them (apparently everyone has been doing this recently) so I settled on a safety pin.  (and lots of other fun badges for the end of the year).  I knew we had a bench that was supposed to be delivered from when we bough our bedroom furniture, but gambled I would be back in time....As I was pulling out of downtown they called and said they would be there in 45 minutes!  Score!!!

They delivered and then I decided to run to HEB to pick up cake and ice cream for the fire station visit....but I decided I had a couple extra minutes to run to the TGF salon next door and get a few long bangs....because Christa got them recently and I liked them...

I made it home with the cake and ice cream and then watched my friends daughter for a little while so she could get her hair cut.  I picked the girls up and then we had a few minutes before the field trip...

Life is good...the field trip is awesome....

Here are a few Fire Safety Tips:
- have a meeting place...not in back yard or your front yard...or across the street....usually at one of next door neighbor's house
- tell little kids to not hide from fire fighters
- if the kids get stuck upstairs, have them open window and start throwing toys, stuff out window so the firefighter knows a kid needs to be rescued
- buy a fire extinguisher
- change fire alarm batteries twice a year
- lots of grease fires
- lots of fires caused by dryer vents.

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