The Goddard School had their seasonal festival this morning. Isabella wondered if they were going to charge us admission so I tried to explain how the festival was really an open house to drum up new enrollees ("enrollees" is a real word, effective immediately). It was actually kind of important for us to get there early. We wanted to sign Finley up for two days a week in the fall and Corrin was worried that the slots for her age group would fill up during the festival. Luckily there weren't any issues.

The girls loved the face painting. Sophia has a really cute face when she scrunched her eyes shut. She got a rainbow painted. I wonder what it says about the teachers that they all referred to the face painting as "tattoos"?

Isabella got a peace sign. She's our little hippie. Later on in the afternoon she tool a nap and the sign smeared. She woke up looking like a chimney sweep.

The girls also had a lot of fun on the rides. They rode the carousel, the "barrel-of-fun" (a spinng barrel which tempts your vomit tolerance), the mini-train, and jumped in the bouncy house. The also got cotten candy, made hats, played put-put, and saw some of their old teachers. It was a lot of fun.

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